March 2017

It’s a rather busy couple of weeks ahead.  Monday I leave for Hawaii.  Yes it will be fun, but there is business to be done, so not all sitting on the beach and drinking virgin margaritas.  I do plan to see Skip and Jack.  Already have my reservation.  :).  I am so excited for that and hope they remember me.  I return home Saturday.  The following week we fly to Denver on Thursday where we meet up with Keith’s brother and wife.  We spend the night there then fly to Dallas for the Graceland Ninjaz St. Patrick’s Day Concert.  This will be so fun and I’ll get to dance!  His sister lives in Dallas and they are coming to.  Will be a fun trip with the sibling clan.  We head home Saturday.  The following week is Spring Break and we are off to Cape Cod.  We have a place we are staying in Orleans for the week.  Kids are very excited as it’s a new place to see and explore.  Shouldn’t be too busy yet so that is a plus.  We fly home Saturday.  To wrap up March the 29th – 31st is a Spring Event with one of my best clients in Park City.  So there you have it.  March I shall survive you 😇

2 thoughts on “March 2017

  1. More of a Sprint than a March. It is going to fly by with so much fun. 🙂 Do not pay any attention if your large bag is really heavy going to hawaii. A beach sounds like something i would stow away for at this point. If you want to pack a bag of cheetoes in there.. that would be cool. 🙂

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