Okay where to begin.  We got to Dallas on Thursday and were ready for some Texas BBQ.  Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke was the destination and it was incredible!  I still am of the opinion Texas has the best BBQ on the planet.  I just love great food, great company and a great atmosphere.  It makes for the best of nights plus to add happiness I had a good day with my bracket picks.  I am leading the family bracket or was through most of yesterday.  The boys have a hard time coping with that lol.  Friday was the big day.  I slept in till around 8:30 then went for a nice long run.  The weather is beautiful.  For a late breakfast we went to Cracker Barrell.  I get totally abused by family and friends when we go out for breakfast.  They ALWAYS steal my bacon!  I know it’s not cool.  So I have learned to order extra.  I also figured out you can make deals for your bacon.  I got a dozen extra slices for $12!  Way cheaper than ordering extra sides.  The Men were happy and I got my own bacon with my French Toast.  After our late breakfast we finally saw Logan.  I had heard it was really good but they nailed it.  Five Stars.  

So as some of you may know I have been waiting forever for the Graceland Ninjaz concert.  I even booked airline tickets last month thinking it was in February.  Just crazy excited for this concert!  We left early because Friday night rush hour in Dallas can be challenging.  Got to the House of Blues and ordered appetizers, virgin drinks and food.  This group is so fun live.  This was my third show and they always are entertaining.  Got to dance and we got to go down front near the stage.  Ha I probably acted drunk but I was just having fun.  Wild night for sure.  We really want the Ninjaz to come to Zion.  Monday off to Cape Cod Orleans for Spring Break.  The kids are very excited,  

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