There are all kinds of Sex.  Some by name include Make-up Sex, Angry Sex, Group Sex, Oral sex, Bi-Sex, Casual Sex, Intimate Sex, Naughty Sex, Vacation Sex, First Time Sex, Welcome Home Sex and Goodbye Sex.  Plus many, many more.  Two of my favorites include Welcome Home and Goodbye Sex.  Ha, actually I like all of the above, but this weekend I’ll enjoy those two specifically.  Certain times of the year I definitely enjoy the Welcome Home variety.  After three days I am really wanting it.  Fingers and or a toy can be nice, but there is no substitute for being with someone you like, especially someone you love.  Seeing them again and the teasing and flirting that takes place before you get to the naughty is just delicious build up.  Coming home with kids around it isn’t always convenient to just get busy.  But I do love the first kiss when I see Keith.  Really anything from a touch, look or whisper.  It is all more meaningful.  Even a well timed text message always puts you on the path to a passionate night.  The Goodbye Sex can be a great stress reliever.  I usually don’t sleep well the night before a trip.  Just the stress of packing and prep for a trip has everyone a little on edge.  Nothing like getting naked and the reminder that you are important.  I have found that for us Goodbye Sex is more intimate, which is awesome.  It also helps me finally calm down and get to sleep.  So for me It often happens during the night, not always in the morning.  Once the alarm goes off it’s like Game Time for getting ready.  If Keith convinces me of play after the alarm it is usually rushed and more for him which isn’t a horrible thing.  But I like to get mine when it’s less rushed.  I am looking forward to some Goodbye Sex tonight.  Still buzzing from last night’s Welcome Home Sex.  😇  

Schizophrenic Weather

April always brings interesting weather to Zion.  Sunny but cold.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  The microburst of wind and weekend after weekend of wanting to do yard work but you have bad weather only to turn beautiful on Sunday.  Winter does not want to let go, it is the most Schizophrenic time of the year without a doubt.  April is almost over so with May comes real Spring.  I am excited.  

April not only brings an adventure in weather but also a couple of fun events.  This past week I was in Park City again.  This was a hard week to get away.  Three kids came down sick and as a mom it is very difficult to leave your family sick.  I made lists for Keith of what to give them and stocked the house with juices, Gatorade and soups.  They survived and other than a few missed days of school by Friday they were back among the living.  Essential Oils, Gatorade, rest and Priesthood blessings are the thing.  

I arrived Tuesday evening and was so tired from being up late with the kids the night before that I just crashed.  Wednesday I had been asked to come speak on what a client really wants and booking the next event.  They had a nice lunch for us after and then off to event prep that afternoon.  A couple of highlights from this event I really enjoyed,  Thursday night we had a super hero themed costume party.  There were about 200 guests so lots of heroes and villians.  I went as Harley Quinn and even had my bat.  It was just a fun social and some great prizes for some awesome costumes.  The winners were Thor, Spider-Man and Captain Kirk.  The other highlight was on Friday night.  It was a free night but the Jazz were playing Game 6.  So anyone that wanted to watch the game we had the screen up and rootbeer floats and Jazz tees for everyone that came.  It was a great game until the very end when they lost!  We had about 100 peeps and we had a blast!  Saturday morning we had breakfast and the last session before wrapping at 11:30.  Anothet successful event in the books.  Grabbed lunch with the CEO and hit the road by 1:30.  It was so great to be home.  The kids made tacos for dinner and we caught up over smoothies.  The cat got scratches from me before bed and was purring like crazy and the dog just wanted to cuddle.  I got welcome home sex from Keith lol.  It was a good homecoming.  Monday is a girls trip to Cape Cod.  Early flight to SLC where I’ll meet up with Mandy and Sara.  One take-away from this week that really impressed me was the reminder to be in the moment.  Where you are at and what you are doing is where the action is.  Make the most of your real time moments.  Everything else is happy to wait for you.  ❤️

Yard Work 

This is our first Spring in Idaho.  The yard here isn’t bad, but pretty minimalist, as far as yards go.  We have grass, one tree, some flower beds and a few rocks.  So we have a pretty clean canvas to be creative.  We always have a great yard and with Spring comes the start of something wonderful.  Met with a landscaper yesterday and they are going to get started on their part May 1st..  So far we have aerated, mowed, trimmed, done the weed and feed, sprayed weeds, planted flowers, pulled weeds and brought in fresh bark.  It’s starting to look really good.  We do have the greenest lawn in the hood.  Landscapers are bringing in trees and bushes, doing some terracing, bringing sand in for a volleyball court, some curbing and some additional sod.  It’s exhausting work doing another yard.  Not as easy being older and our workhorse away on a mission.  Man down and the wounded here but we are making it happen.  I am hoping Idaho Falls does awards here like back in Utah for great yards and landscaping.  It’s just fun to go on yard tours and meet people coming by ours.  If not maybe we can start something.  The tours were like such an impromptu party.  Our daughter had her perfume table set up and would give away samples with her business card.  The younger boys had a lemonade stand and also would serve free water.  Gotta stay hydrated!  We met so many fun people over the past few years and collected so many emails.  Peeps want to be in the know for fun events.  I really want to do that here.  Anyway yard work has been my priority this week and so happy the week finally ended with sunshine.  Such a perfect day.  

Slumber Party

This was a long week.  Normally I am not away on an event trip for 6 days.  This week I was asked to speak to some other event planners on Monday.  Topics were Pricing Strategy, Negotiaton and Culture.  Tuesday met with several vendors to actually put in practice what I spoke about.  Always fun to see if you measure up.  

Tuesday night though was a lot of fun.  My best friends who I feel like I haven’t seen in forever came up to Park City for a Slumber Party.  No kids, no husbands, no rules lol.  I am not as wild as I once was but yes Tuesday night was decadent.  I met them at our place and once the door was closed it got crazy.  Sara brought a new double ended dildo.  It was nice and thick and bouncy.  On a positive note I have not forgotten how to eat pussy.  Although Mandy had me begging her to stop when she was giving it to me.  The teasing was just brutal as she was just taking her time on my clit, but not directly.  She finally wrapped her lips around it and I almost  flew off the bed.  She then started swirling her tongue directly on my clit and OMG I swear I exploded.  It was like being on a huge roller coaster I could not catch my breath.  Sara just was laughing.  I don’t care what anyone says girls are way better at oral than guys hands down.  It was a late night and I was wore out.  Finally got to sleep around 4 am.  

Wednesday morning we slept in then Kneaders for breakfast and then a nap.  Hugs goodbye to my friends and a quick trip to Utah Valley to pick up my doTERRA order.  Event prep Wednesday afternoon and Thursday Event Day 1.  What I loved most for this event was the afternoon activity at Olympic Park.  Love ❤️ the Zip Line and slide.  We had a Taco, Burrito or Fajita Bar this event that was super popular with everyone as well.  Another highlight was we raised a little money for a Foundation.  I love my clients in that they are committed to making a difference.  It is incredibly rewarding to see such willingness by the employees to give and then the company match the donation.  I felt inspired by their culture of abundance.  Event Day 2 started with a great breakfast with plenty of bacon.  Key note speaker after lunch and some great training for their team.  The day ended with steak or chicken for dinner and recognition awards.  Wrapped up about 9 then headed to a second Slumber Party with some event planners I work with.  Strictly PG rated this round.  We had 17 of us for overnight.  Pizza was ordered and rootbeer floats were eaten plus Dance Dance Revolution on the game system.  There was some serious smack talk going on.  It got insane!  I held my own but there is still some debate as to the champion.  There is a Final Four that will be competing in May at Jupiter Bowl for the crown.  Big stakes.  I even have a corporate sponsor lined up.  I can’t believe how blown up this got in a couple of hours.  It started out just friendly like and yeah…wasn’t my fault.  A more civilized game of 2 truths and a lie followed the dancing.  Crashed around 1 am then had Kneaders cater our breakfast.  Steve came by himself to say hi and a few other girls that couldn’t make it up for the night joined us.  Hit the road for Idaho around 10:30 and got home around 3.  It has been a fun but exhausting week.  Tonight we are coloring Easter eggs and making homemade personal pizzas.  So happy to be home.  Keith says I need to not be so competitive.  It really wasn’t my fault though.  Really!