Dance Off 

This has been a very fun Event.  Thursday night we went to Jupiter Bowl for some end of day fun.  I love the dance video games at home and the arcade.  Well I spent almost two hours taking on all comers on Dance Dance Revolution.  Great fun and lots of laughing.  I was giving away $10 Kneaders gift cards to anyone that beat me.  Yes I did lose a couple rounds.  It might have been because I was laughing and/or tired but hey I had gift cards to give away.  😇  Jupiter Bowl is fun because they have food, a bar, arcade, bowling and lots of pool tables.  Loved the chips and salsa.  I suck at bowling.  We played Spaz and I had a virgin margarita!  I love to hang with fun people.  After the afternoon session Friday we had two hours of free time.  I hit the Spa for a Hot Rocks Massage and then we had a Prime Rib dinner and Magic!  The Magician did some incredible illusions including a wedding ring ending up in a can of Corn.  I kid you not!  She used a can opener to open the can up and her wedding ring was inside.  Seriously!  I just don’t even have an idea how he could have done it.  She had to pick the can.   Corn, peas, or green beans. There is no way he could know which can she picked. He never touched the cans yet the ring was inside.  Freaking unbelievable!  Last night was pretty epic for a lot of reasons.  I personally feel very grateful for the money raised for Charity.  It will make a difference to many.  This morning I had breakfast with the CEO and his wife.  Inspiring people that let me play a small part.  Heading home now listening to Conference.  Excited to see my family.  Conferenence today and the Final Four tonight.  Keith will take the boys to dinner before the Priesthood Session and then meet us back at the Homestead for Smoothies and Scotcharoos.  I’ll be taking our daughter out for dinner then we are watching some basketball.  We will be sporting our Gamecock gear.  Love the underdogs!  My pick…Gamecocks over Dawgs just because and Tarheels over Ducks.  North Carolina is my last team in the tournament so I need that win.  Enjoy a beautiful weekend!  ❤

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