Hunting Trip 

Our daughter turns 16 soon and this was the week Keith got an inch to go Car Hunting.  After an afternoon of looking around Idaho Falls it became clear we weren’t going to find what we were after.  So he gets on the phone to Utah.  He really likes Mazda and called a couple of dealerships north of Salt Lake City.  One of them had a Mazda 3 that had been being driven by the wife of one of the owners for the past year.  Only had a little over 12,000 miles and like brand new.  So it was a quick trip down.  We grabbed lunch at the Blue Lemon in Ogden then picked up the car and home by 6:30.  He has an uncanny way of finding what he wants.  Low mileage, warranty, depreciation hit already taken, manual, dark interior and it’s really cute.  Not sure he was going for “cute” but it is.  We hid it at a friend’s house until her birthday and she is going to freak when she sees it.  I love driving a stick.  She is going to have to learn but I think she will find it just makes the driving experience more fun.  Zoom Zoom!  

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