Yard Work 

This is our first Spring in Idaho.  The yard here isn’t bad, but pretty minimalist, as far as yards go.  We have grass, one tree, some flower beds and a few rocks.  So we have a pretty clean canvas to be creative.  We always have a great yard and with Spring comes the start of something wonderful.  Met with a landscaper yesterday and they are going to get started on their part May 1st..  So far we have aerated, mowed, trimmed, done the weed and feed, sprayed weeds, planted flowers, pulled weeds and brought in fresh bark.  It’s starting to look really good.  We do have the greenest lawn in the hood.  Landscapers are bringing in trees and bushes, doing some terracing, bringing sand in for a volleyball court, some curbing and some additional sod.  It’s exhausting work doing another yard.  Not as easy being older and our workhorse away on a mission.  Man down and the wounded here but we are making it happen.  I am hoping Idaho Falls does awards here like back in Utah for great yards and landscaping.  It’s just fun to go on yard tours and meet people coming by ours.  If not maybe we can start something.  The tours were like such an impromptu party.  Our daughter had her perfume table set up and would give away samples with her business card.  The younger boys had a lemonade stand and also would serve free water.  Gotta stay hydrated!  We met so many fun people over the past few years and collected so many emails.  Peeps want to be in the know for fun events.  I really want to do that here.  Anyway yard work has been my priority this week and so happy the week finally ended with sunshine.  Such a perfect day.  

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