Ok I got up way early to enact my payback.  The morning we left for San Francisco a couple of weeks ago Keith pulled the covers off of me.  I was naked and it was cold in the early hours of the morning.  Last night I made sure to give him some crazy good sex and made sure he was naked when we fell asleep.  At approximately 2:45 am Zion Time I pulled all the blankets off the bed and turned the lights on as I went to get in the shower.  He had this look of What?  Why?  Then…it dawned on him.  He knew.  I have been made whole again.  He did join me in the shower so he must not have been too upset lol.  😇  Now on to Hawaii.  

King Arthur

Just like we have refs in sports, we have critics for movies.  Refs play an important role and when they do their jobs right they keep play under control and don’t much impact the outcome.  They are not supposed to interject themselves to the point that they do influence the game.  It is unfortunate when they do.  The NCAA Finals this year is a perfect example of Refs overstepping their role.  Critics can offer some great insight.  On occasion they interject themselves too far and literally make or break a movie not deserving of the outcome.  I bring this up because I wanted to see King Arthur.  I was so excited when I first saw the previews.  Critics have brutalized it though.  Almost like they wanted to kill it.  In my opinion, they have made it personal.  Maybe it was the director or perhaps it’s not the fairy tale story of Camelot.  We have talked to several that have seen it and they all enjoyed the movie.  So Saturday night we took a break and braved the massive crowds out to see Pirates of the Caribbean.  We saw King Arthur with about 20 people and it was really, really good.  So if you are looking for something interesting and high energy it is worth a couple hours.  I enjoy different takes on stories, plays, movies and music.  It is enjoyable to see a different interpretation.  Can you imagine how boring Shakespeare would be if we didn’t enjoy all of the many interpretations over the years?  Anyway there you go.  My thoughts for the day ❤️


Ok I have most everything packed and ready for our grand adventure.  I am the only one with two bags of luggage.  Rather proud of myself that I got it all in just two bags and only used a third of each of the two younger boys bags lol.  But I did it!  Three weeks away from home.  I don’t know what I’ll need, things come up.  I know I will use hiking boots, running shoes, heels, sandals, flip flops and house shoes.  We did pack lots of shorts and tees and swimsuits.  We are the people that buy tee shirts everywhere we go.  So between all the BYU apparel, Idaho, Park City, U2, Graceland Ninjaz, etc it will be very obvious we are tourists.  Definitely will nbe Reppin’ the Y.  We also have church clothes and jeans to.  I am sure we wlll be prepared for whatever circumstances find us.  I can’t wait.  Hawaii here we come!  

Summer Begins

This is going to be the best Summer yet.  School is officially over.  Spring event season wrapped up Thursday night.  Keith’s parents arrive this afternoon.  So now all there is to do is finish up a few things to ready the Homestead for 3 weeks without us.  Going to purge the fridge, give a key to the young lady that will come feed the cat, and finish packing.  The kids are excited.  The dog is excited.  Although I don’t think he realizes he isn’t going with us.  He will get his own grand adventure with grandma and grandpa.  He is a little spoiled, so I’m sure he will not be happy.  Hopefully he forgets in 3 weeks lol.  We have never been away for 3 weeks before.  We had considered 6 weeks but that just seemed way too hard.  With other Summer activities it was just a nightmare scheduling.  So remember it is Summer and go make some memories.  I am so excited!  

Angie’s Rules

I have a set of rules.  Some have been around a long time others come up spur of moment.  A few believe them to be nuggets of wisdom.  I wlll let you judge for yourself.

  • Play hard, work will seem easier 
  • Don’t finish everything today, you need something to do tomorrow 
  • Find passion in everything you do
  • Do it right, on time.  No fun to be docked points. 
  • No drama, it kills friendships
  • Judge kindly 
  • Forgive quickly 
  • Hope is the second most powerful thing under Heaven 
  • Don’t argue with a fool 
  • Temptation is fun
  • Seek moments, not things
  • Joy trumps happiness 
  • Choose your friends carefully.  You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with 
  • Money makes you more of who you already are 
  • Kindness begins with me 
  • Money in the bank has greater value than money spent 
  • Friends make the world go round 
  • Choose the greatest of the best choices 
  • Evolve 
  • If not me, who?
  • Why not? 
  • You can change the world for one person 
  • Live in a way people will celebrate your life when your gone.  
  • Change your mind often
  • Empathy makes many friends 
  • Yes is the happiest word ever
  • Moments are the best ROI for time spent 
  • Dance whenever you can
  •  Laughter is joy overflowing