Softball & More

I had 3 days home before getting back to Park City for another event.  We had some fun this go around.  It wasn’t all business as many are.  Everyone actually checked in on Wednesday night.  We had dinner and an opening session.  Great CEO with incredible vision.  Everyone walked away and felt really good.  He has passion for what they are doing and vision that is contagious.  It has been a pleasure watching this company grow over the years.  Thursday started with an early breakfast, a morning session of what is new for Fall and after lunch some play.  You could either go golfing or go play softball.  I decided to give softball a try.  It was crazy!  I hit the ball….twice!  First time I got on base.  Made it to second base before the inning ended.  The second time I made it to base but someone caught the ball and they said I was out.  I tried to argue.  Tried to negotiate.  But they said an out is an out. But then I got on base again with a walk.  I even struck out once.  Ha that was bad.  Oh well, I went down swinging.  The CEO and the CFO had a big bet on the game.  I was on the winning team!  We got back and had a little time before the Golfers finished to relax.  After dinner we had this Casino Royale Evening.  Everyone got starter chips to play.  Roulette is a crazy game and a very fast way to lose your chips.  I lost all of mine playing Blackjack.  I wasn’t going to buy more because I’m clearly not a good gambler.  But a few people did really well.  It was all for the auction the next night.  Friday started with a great keynote speaker after breakfast then some great break out sessions for training.  Loved the Prime Rib dinner and the Auction, it was very entertaining.  We had 25 really awesome prizes and based on who had the most chips they got to pick first.  Technically not really an auction but still pretty cool as those with no chance started throwing in their chips to those with more.  It was kinda a race for the most.  But I will say the prizes were really really good.  The money used to buy back in and the extra chips not used in the auction were donated to Charity.  I love the fact this company never forgets to do something charitable.  They kind of surprised me though.  They didn’t let me in on it this time, there was a twist and I love them for it.  I left Park City to drive home.  It was a long day but I made it home around 2 am.  Today I’m super tired but with my daughter’s first Prom and the lunch at our house there was much to do.  Being a Prom mom is a big deal after all.  So a few others joined us about 10:30 this morning to get it all ready.  The taco bar was delicious and I am very excited for tonight!  We are going to take so many pics I’m sure the kids will be late for dinner,  Good times!  Kids grow up way too fast.  

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