Last week Mandy, Sara and I took our hubbies on an adventure to San Francisco.  While there we went down to Santa Clara to see the U2 Joshua Tree concert.  It was the third time we have seen U2 in concert and as usual they were awesome!

Keith and I drove down to Utah Monday afternoon and stayed in Park City for the night.  We got up way too early on Tuesday, I mean we could have slept longer but he was ready to go.  Keith actually pulled the covers off of me!  I was shocked.  I mean you just don’t do that.  Especially after the fun we had a few hours earlier.  I was naked and it was cold.  Anyway it wasn’t a good start to the day.  I had to work very hard to Forgive but I will not Forget.

Keith is one of those travelers that has to get they like an hour before you need to be. I’m kind of the one that I usually makes it on time. Usually like when it really matters. Important stuff I usually make on time anyway. So I tend to be quite vexing to him when we travel.  I make it up in sexual ways but in the moment he can be…what is that word?

Frustrated!  That’s it.  I know your saying “not Angie.” I agree with you.  I totally 110% agree with you.  I will let Keith know.  So anyway we got to San Francisco and checked in at the Marriott Marquis.  Tuesday was a little cloudy and cooler but after some lunch we got a little exploring done.  It was a pretty chill day over all.  Travel days usually are.  After dinner there may have been a little swapping for some hardcore petting that ended in very hot sex with Keith back in our room.  Room service may have been slightly awkward lol.  Happens.

Wednesday we hit the Spa.  Started with a 90 minute hot rock massage and then pedis and manis.  It was a great girls morning.  The guys had been out exploring all morning so we went and had lunch there at the hotel then had a few hours to kill back in the room.  We had to get ready for the concert.  Sometimes it does take awhile.  Distractions.  The guys got back and were rewarded with head from each of us.  We took them each around the world 3 times before the teasing ended.  Then off to Levi Stadium.

We got there about 5:45.  Mumford and Sons was the opening act.  They weren’t too bad.  But I was wanting my U2.  The other concerts we had been to was the Elevation Tour in SLC November 2001 and the the 360 Tour at the University of Utah a few years later.  A U2 concert is pretty much a spiritual experience.  This night was no exception.  They started with Sunday Bloody Sunday and WOW it was over two hours of U2 Heaven.

We got back very late to the Marriott.  Slept in Thursday then ordered room service.  A friend recommended the Filbert Stairs up to the Coit Tower.  That was a lot of stairs!  Beautiful though.  Not something you experience every day.

We had been invited to look at a property while there.  It was built in 1904 in the Presidio Heights neighborhood.  They had a backyard theater and invited us back for a movie night.  We ordered pizzas and it was a lot of fun.  We watched Jason Bourne to wrap up the day and headed back.

Friday we flew back to SLC.  Went to Tucanos for lunch then headed back to Idaho Falls.  Happy to be home for a few days.  One more event this week then Summer Vacation begins.  I can’t wait!

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