Angie’s Rules

I have a set of rules.  Some have been around a long time others come up spur of moment.  A few believe them to be nuggets of wisdom.  I wlll let you judge for yourself.

  • Play hard, work will seem easier 
  • Don’t finish everything today, you need something to do tomorrow 
  • Find passion in everything you do
  • Do it right, on time.  No fun to be docked points. 
  • No drama, it kills friendships
  • Judge kindly 
  • Forgive quickly 
  • Hope is the second most powerful thing under Heaven 
  • Don’t argue with a fool 
  • Temptation is fun
  • Seek moments, not things
  • Joy trumps happiness 
  • Choose your friends carefully.  You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with 
  • Money makes you more of who you already are 
  • Kindness begins with me 
  • Money in the bank has greater value than money spent 
  • Friends make the world go round 
  • Choose the greatest of the best choices 
  • Evolve 
  • If not me, who?
  • Why not? 
  • You can change the world for one person 
  • Live in a way people will celebrate your life when your gone.  
  • Change your mind often
  • Empathy makes many friends 
  • Yes is the happiest word ever
  • Moments are the best ROI for time spent 
  • Dance whenever you can
  •  Laughter is joy overflowing 

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