Summer Begins

This is going to be the best Summer yet.  School is officially over.  Spring event season wrapped up Thursday night.  Keith’s parents arrive this afternoon.  So now all there is to do is finish up a few things to ready the Homestead for 3 weeks without us.  Going to purge the fridge, give a key to the young lady that will come feed the cat, and finish packing.  The kids are excited.  The dog is excited.  Although I don’t think he realizes he isn’t going with us.  He will get his own grand adventure with grandma and grandpa.  He is a little spoiled, so I’m sure he will not be happy.  Hopefully he forgets in 3 weeks lol.  We have never been away for 3 weeks before.  We had considered 6 weeks but that just seemed way too hard.  With other Summer activities it was just a nightmare scheduling.  So remember it is Summer and go make some memories.  I am so excited!  

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