CNN threatening to reveal the name of the Reddit user after Trump tweeted the video of him wresting CNN is sad.  They coerced an apology out of him, then threaten him they may still reveal who he is if he isn’t silent.  I don’t like Reddit because it’s full of trolls, but still I believe in free speech.  CNN threatening the Reddit user really is ridiculous.  Sometimes you want your anonymity, you need to be able to say things anonymously.  CNN demands anonymity with their sources.  The fact they went out and found him is wrong on so many levels.  I don’t like what that guy had to say about many things, He was a troll and spewed hate to get people riled up.  Still wrong, wrong, wrong of CNN.  The only time anyone should be chased out of anonymity is a case of clear and present danger to National Security or some kind of criminal activity.  

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