Olympic Park 

We had a chance to do a few activities at Olympic Park while in Park City this week.  The Zip Line was awesome but the two most fun was the Extreme Tubing down the ski jumps.  That was insane!  We also did a bobsled run.  What an enlightening experience.  I have found an appreciation for this sport.  Although our bobsled was on wheels and we weren’t on ice and probably a dozen other differences as well it was stlll cool.  If you do it be aware you will get banged around a bit.  You were helmets but still quite a bit of being tossed around.  Scariest thing I did was stepping off the drop tower.  

A drop of 65 ft to hopefully not your death.  I don’t know why but my inner survival skills kept telling me no.  Our 13 year old showed me how to do it.  My ego could not allow that.  A very fun afternoon for everyone.  We had dinner at the Blue Iguana in Park City.  If you are looking for a fun outing a day here is worth the time.  If you take a group of 25 or more you can get a 15% discount if you arrange it ahead of time.  Just a tip.  ♥️

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