I saw this and it has really bothered me.  Although it nails the current mindset of humanity, is it right?  My understanding is doing something kind for someone else isn’t a conditional act.  If you are looking for praise I am not sure the intent is right.  I personally believe that acts of service tend to do as much or more for our own good than those we serve.  If our attitude isn’t right how easily we can be offended.  We are all a bit broken in this life.  The world has the capacity to beat us pretty good.  Some people don’t know how to express appreciation.  They may not even recognize it or may question your intent as it is so unfamiliar to them. They may be past feeling.  Kindness though has an incredible power to melt the hearts of the bitter given time.  Look at the great story of the Grinch.  The Whos still found Joy and Love and Kindness.  More than enough that the Grinch’s heart grew two sizes that day.  I know it is a made up story, but one that happens often.  Never give up on kindness. Never use an excuse and withhold service because someone is ungrateful.  It may save you both in the end.  

One thought on “Mindset 

  1. We cannot control if someone is determined to be unhappy, we can only control what we ourselves do with any given situation. I think kindness and compassion are always a good choice. Even if someone is ungrateful in the moment, it may work its way into their soul at some point, possibly influence someone that hears about it, and at the minimum, as you said, it is good for your own soul. Have compassion, have love, have hope… and this world cannot help but become a better place…. one little bit at a time.

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