The Book of Mormon has so many parallels with our day.  It was written for our us and is a type and shadow of things to come.  Mormon saw our day and Moroni testified of its importance in speaking to us in the last days.  (See Moroni chapter 10). One of the most powerful testimonies ever shared regarding Truth and the impact of this ancient record to us.  Can you truly fathom how important this record is to us that God would have a record kept for a thousand years and preserved so that Mormon could compile these records into one volume.  A thousand years of history and what we have is what the Spirit inspired him to share.  Everything contained in the Book of Mormon is relevant.  That is why we must study, pray and ponder this gift.  In our day it offers us guidance, much as the Liahona did to Lehi and his family in the wilderness.  Just like the Liahona it works according to our Faith and observance of its directions.  I find it interesting that it works for all, not just the righteous.  Even when we are less perfect the Love of God and his blessings are available to all as we listen and follow him.  All of Lehi’s family were blessed as they followed the guidance of the Liahona as we will be by following the guidance and inspiration contained in the Book of Mormon.  

A few things I have been pondering lately is how the central government of the Nephite people ceased and the people broke up into tribes.  As I see our current situation we have for many years been paralyzed to act as a government.  Congress has become incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities due to the polarizing effects of political ideology.  The people refuse to be governed by either party.  The dominant parties are splintering.  There are Democratic socialists, moderate conservatives, alt right, alt left and even within the extremes you have white supremacists to tea party and liberal to KKK.  If ever there was a process of breaking into tribes this is a parallel.  I suspect it will only continue to worsen.  In both the Jaredite and Nephite records we see before the destruction of the people there was a great division among the people and they ended up gathering to a side.  As Mormon said they had a lust of hate for one another.  They lacked empathy, compassion and kindness.  Satan easily stirred them up eventually to their total destruction.  So great was this lust that Mormon refused to continue to lead the armies of the Nephites.  He actually stepped down for decades where he spent his days compiling the record we know today as the Book of Mormon.  He finally returned to lead the people in their final battles and to deliver the record to his son Moroni.  There is much we need to be aware of as we navigate a world that seems to be getting a bit more insane daily.  I testify it is true.  May you find inspiration and safety as you spend precious time searching its pages.  Some of the best advice ever shared with us is read from it often and look for why God prepared the way for us to have it.  Grateful for these words of wisdom.  ♥️

Last Getaway 

This has been a fun week and we managed to get a Last, Last Getaway in.  Wasn’t planning it but sometimes things just happen.  Tuesday I took my little guy to lunch and then we hit Walmart for a new video game.  He was very happy.  The boys ended up playing it the rest of the day until we made them go to bed.  Keith and I were able to pull a few strings and get a place in Jackson Hole for a night.  Wednesday morning we, including the dog, headed to Wyoming.  He was very happy.  Got there around 11, walked around a bit, then had lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family.  The place we stayed had an awesome home theater, so we ended up watching a movie and having Root Beer Floats.  I was chewing on some Bit O Honey candy and my crown came off.  Fortunately it was a tooth I had a root canal on so no pain.  Keith went to get some glue for it and Monday the Dentist gets to take care of it the right way.  Kinda sucked.  We had breakfast then headed home.  Ended Thursday with a Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  I got my last Bear pin.  Here is some pics of the property we got to stay in.

Friday I took our 13 year old to breakfast af IHOP.  We ordered extra bacon!  Always fun to negotiate for bacon, not just two slices.  Go big, like 8 slices!  After the bacon, I mean breakfast, we went to get him some new church shoes.  I think he was hoping for a video game.  I was like shoes are good right?  He reluctantly agreed.  Keith and I hit Smiths for mass quantities of food.  Lots of Utah peeps to feed.  Smiths was definitely busier today than usual with the Eclipse coming.  Took the kids to the pool this afternoon.  Was nice to relax for a couple of hours.  Keith’s parents and his brother & his family are coming in tomorrow and some other friends wil be trickling in Saturday and Sunday.  I told the Sunday travelers to leave early.

Tomorrow is our 22nd Anniversary.  We decided to go out to dinner tonight as tomorrow will be insane.  Was going to go somewhere really fancy but ended up at Texas Roadhouse.  I had the Filet Mignon and Shrimp plus a Virgin Margarita!  Tomorrow morning we are going to the Temple.  Should be back before family start to arrive.  Then tomorrow night we are doing a BBQ and outdoor movie Remember the Titans.  I am only doing Sacrament meeting Sunday because I need to be here when our friends start to arrive.  Keith says I’m cheating leaving early.  I told him I had it approved by the Bishop.  He just shook his head lol.  He has to stay.  Bishop didn’t approve him leaving early.  Checkmate!  Monday is the Eclipse as I’m sure you are aware.  We are in the 60 mile wide band of Totality.  I guess it is a pretty big deal.  We will even have a little Camp City at the Homestead.  Friends started calling last week asking if they could come up.  What else can you say?  We turned it into a party.  Big breakfast planned for Monday morning.    It’s going to be so good with lots of bacon.

Finally, ending the Summer the way I started it.  Tuesday Mandy, Sara and I are headed back to Hawaii.  We have dōTERRA classes and training on Oahu plus a class on Maui.  I am very excited.  Our business is growing there and it is not a bad place to be wanted.  Beach, sun and some naughty fun.  😇  Stay tuned.

My Thoughts 

As I reflect on the Summer I have nothing but gratitude for the time I have had with family and friends, places I have seen, people I have met and most of all the love that exists in the world.  I know there is an element of evil out there as well.  What happened in Virginia yesterday is evidence of the ugliness and hate that can lash out.  I think we most often find the thing we seek in this world.  We tend to find the best or worst out there depending on us.  I cannot guarantee evil may never strike at us, but I believe we have given ourselves the greatest shelter we can by not seeking it out.  Not a single person would have been harmed yesterday if they had not been there.  There would have been no protests had ignorant people not been demanding statues be removed.  It all begins with hate and intolerance.  We as a people should focus our energy on things more meaningful.  Service, time with loved ones, yard work, the beach, mountains, sand dunes, or hundreds of other activities.  Until we reject hate absolutely this is society.  

Here are three ways you can protect yourself and those you care about.  1. Be tolerant of others.  Being tolerant does not necessarily mean you agree, but an attitude of tolerance does bring greater patience and understanding.  We live in a world of diverse ideas, cultures and people.  Diversity is and can be beautiful.  The truth is we have more in common than our differences.  When we actually seek to understand what is important to each other it is amazing how easy it is to find solutions.  2. Avoid protests and demonstrations.  People that attend these events are not there to be peaceful.  These activities have been usurped by extremists and that much passion and hate tends to radicalize people very quickly.  Is there any wonder why so much violence has erupted and damage to property that results?  These events are about anarchy.  You have the greatest chance of being hurt just by showing up.  3. Don’t buy into the media.  The doom they report on does not bring joy, hope or peace. It really is quite stressful and depressing.  We have it in us to change the world.  Decide on what you can do.  We may not have the reach to change the world for all but we can absolutely change it for one person.  One family.  One neighborhood.  One ward.  One City.  It is up to us.  Hope is demanding to be let out.  When we as a society reject hate and choose Charity, evil will have no hold on us.  

The Void

This evening we experienced The Void.  Holy WOW!  If you have not been it is one of the coolest experiences ever.  Way upgraded compared to what I have seen in the past.  This was like the Atari 2600 vs the first Xbox.  Can’t even imagine where VR will be in a decade.  Maybe sexual fun.  I could see that lol.  Seriously trust me on this just GO!  

Link to the Void 

Side note.  There are only four locations in the world with this level of Virtual Reality.  Dubai, NYC, Toronto and Lindon, Utah.  Doesn’t that actually excite you?  So cool! 

Back to Zion

We decided Sunday we wanted to come to Utah this week.  Really wanted to go on the MTC Tour, experience the Void and hike Stewart Falls.  So we left Tuesday around 10 and joined Mandy, her family and her parents for the Tour.  Her parents scored us some tickets, never ever complain about connections.  Definitely fun to do the tour with her Dad.  We got to talk to the MTC President and got our pics at the Map.  It feels like a small college campus, so happy for our missionaries.  Incredible artwork in the new building.  If you haven’t been definitely take the time.  Rare opportunity to visit the MTC unless your a missionary.  Funny thing when we walked through the cafeteria I think ever Elder there stopped eating to look at our girls.  Keith and Brad stepped in front of them lol.  After the MTC Tour we hit Tucanos!  The new location is nice.  I so miss Tucanos and still working on one for Idaho Falls.  They cannot deny me forever.  They even remembered me and we got all the pineapple we could eat.  Yes we left a very generous tip.

This morning we had a Doughnut and Juices breakfast.  The entire Juice family attended breakfast.  We had Apple, Orange, Grape, Pineaplle and Grapefruit.  We all had a good time.  Homemade doughnuts always make for a fun start.  Then we headed for Sundance and Stewart Falls. One of our favorite hikes.

Tonight and tomorrow we are going to stay up here.  Fortunately Keith and his brother were able to get most of the time off for some end of Summer play.  Kids have all had a blast so far.  The place we are staying the next couple of nights is AWESOME!  So we are heading back to town to go play at the Void with some friends then back for BBQ and games.  If I have any energy left we may watch a movie.  I’ll probably be asleep by then.  Glad I’m not making dinner tonight!  We will either stop at the outlet at Point of the Mountain or run up to the Park City outlets before we leave to finish up school shopping.  The boys still need a few things.  I ♥️ Summer!