Last Getaway 

This has been a fun week and we managed to get a Last, Last Getaway in.  Wasn’t planning it but sometimes things just happen.  Tuesday I took my little guy to lunch and then we hit Walmart for a new video game.  He was very happy.  The boys ended up playing it the rest of the day until we made them go to bed.  Keith and I were able to pull a few strings and get a place in Jackson Hole for a night.  Wednesday morning we, including the dog, headed to Wyoming.  He was very happy.  Got there around 11, walked around a bit, then had lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family.  The place we stayed had an awesome home theater, so we ended up watching a movie and having Root Beer Floats.  I was chewing on some Bit O Honey candy and my crown came off.  Fortunately it was a tooth I had a root canal on so no pain.  Keith went to get some glue for it and Monday the Dentist gets to take care of it the right way.  Kinda sucked.  We had breakfast then headed home.  Ended Thursday with a Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  I got my last Bear pin.  Here is some pics of the property we got to stay in.

Friday I took our 13 year old to breakfast af IHOP.  We ordered extra bacon!  Always fun to negotiate for bacon, not just two slices.  Go big, like 8 slices!  After the bacon, I mean breakfast, we went to get him some new church shoes.  I think he was hoping for a video game.  I was like shoes are good right?  He reluctantly agreed.  Keith and I hit Smiths for mass quantities of food.  Lots of Utah peeps to feed.  Smiths was definitely busier today than usual with the Eclipse coming.  Took the kids to the pool this afternoon.  Was nice to relax for a couple of hours.  Keith’s parents and his brother & his family are coming in tomorrow and some other friends wil be trickling in Saturday and Sunday.  I told the Sunday travelers to leave early.

Tomorrow is our 22nd Anniversary.  We decided to go out to dinner tonight as tomorrow will be insane.  Was going to go somewhere really fancy but ended up at Texas Roadhouse.  I had the Filet Mignon and Shrimp plus a Virgin Margarita!  Tomorrow morning we are going to the Temple.  Should be back before family start to arrive.  Then tomorrow night we are doing a BBQ and outdoor movie Remember the Titans.  I am only doing Sacrament meeting Sunday because I need to be here when our friends start to arrive.  Keith says I’m cheating leaving early.  I told him I had it approved by the Bishop.  He just shook his head lol.  He has to stay.  Bishop didn’t approve him leaving early.  Checkmate!  Monday is the Eclipse as I’m sure you are aware.  We are in the 60 mile wide band of Totality.  I guess it is a pretty big deal.  We will even have a little Camp City at the Homestead.  Friends started calling last week asking if they could come up.  What else can you say?  We turned it into a party.  Big breakfast planned for Monday morning.    It’s going to be so good with lots of bacon.

Finally, ending the Summer the way I started it.  Tuesday Mandy, Sara and I are headed back to Hawaii.  We have dōTERRA classes and training on Oahu plus a class on Maui.  I am very excited.  Our business is growing there and it is not a bad place to be wanted.  Beach, sun and some naughty fun.  😇  Stay tuned.

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