Can you Imagine?

This has been our motto since I met Keith.  I remember the first time he said to me “Can you imagine?”  My heart lit up.  I know it was one of the reasons I fell in love with him.  I am a bit of a free spirit and those three simple words have given me the courage to dream, to take chances, Hope and most important over 20 years of smiles and laughter.  We learned to “Live” life early and have done our best to live happy and content.  Does not mean we haven’t had our fair share of trials but I think one thing it has offered us is perspective.  Life and Love is different for everyone but whatever it is for you, seize it, and love what comes.  We are meant to have Joy in this life and it is usually us that complicates what that looks like.  For us it started with three words that evolved into something meaningful and a history of moments.  Imagination is the beginning of the Journey.

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