North to Idaho 

We are about halfway home.  I am so excited.  The Barn has been started and they have footings poured.  Feels like it is taking forever.  The foundation is the most important and slow part they say.  Got to get it right so everything else can happen.  I am looking forward to the framing, that is when things get fun.  Keith keeps reminding me it is coming lol.  I am really more patient than I sound right now.  I am going to enjoy this week home.  I am up in the air as to whether I want to trek down to Provo for the BYU-Wisconsin game.  We probably will but this has been a painful start for my BYU Cougars.  I hope they find what they lost.  They clearly do not have it right now.  Great group of coaches and players.  I feel bad for them because as hard as the fans are on them they are also dealing with the frustration as a team and individually.  BYU fans can be brutal.  

Tonight someone is going to get lucky.  I wanted to do very naughty things last night but kids slept in our room since the place we are staying still had a full house.  We stayed up late talking and telling stories with the kids.  I have this week off.  Next week is an event and then a trip the following week.  I am feeling like ice cream tonight 😇

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