Convention 2017 dōTERRA You ended last night.  I feel energized.  This year I came as an active builder for this great organization.  I got to walk as a Gold that I had earned.  I feel Pride and Joy for the impact I am seeing in other’s lives because of what we are doing.  I love essential oils, I love dōTERRA and those I associate with and I love changing lives.  We had a pretty big group of people out this year.  Took us 13 homes and condos in Park City to accommodate everyone that didn’t have hotels booked.  Many of these people weren’t even a part of dōTERRA six months ago.  Last night and this morning as I see friends leaving my heart is full.  We have attended three parties, danced, laughed and cried together.  We are making a collective impact on the world for good.  I look forward to where this journey takes me.  I will be back to the Cape and out to the Paradise of Hawaii.  I look forward to returning to the Lone Star State and the Midwest.  Maybe this next year will take me to far away lands as well.  I am willing.  I am so willing.

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