Girl’s Night 

So last night six of us hit the town for a girls night in Idaho Falls.  We did a Temple session then to Chilis for their brownie and cookie skillets.  I even called ahead to make sure they didn’t sell out of them.  I let them know I was bringing 6 girls craving chocolate and it might not be a good idea to disappoint.  They said they would make sure we were taken care of.  After two hours in the Temple we were ready to party some.  Lots of laughing and anyway they moved us to the corner away from everyone to “isolate” us from disrupting others lol.  I mean really?  We weren’t like that loud.  Oh well we tipped well and they said we could come back.  I have found it a good practice to always ask if we can come back.  It creates an opportunity to be remembered and they learn your name.  You can get anything in this world if they remember your name 🙂 

Halloween is coming!  My annual Scare Spectacular is just around the corner.  I have been hard at work planning my costume and I think this year I will be a Vampres.  Sexy but modest is my mantra.  So I have begun making my outfit.  Kids are still deciding what they want to be.  This year I have decided to plan a special scare for the adults.  Something that will probably have a greater freak factor for them than the kids.  So I will have a few red balloons 🎈around the house and on the property.  I have hired a Clown that will look like Pennywise.  Ha it should be fun.  Don’t wander off by yourself 🙂  This is going to be an awesome event.  We will be able to use a section of the Barn for a Haunted House.  It is looking like another fun year!  

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