Clowns are Freakishly Scary

The Hallowed Eve Event was so fun!  The Jar was left overflowing.  We didn’t run out of candy.  Pennywise was spotted just after 11 pm and there were some freaked out peeps.  We even had a few adults crying it was insane.  Ok I’ll admit it I was freaked.  He was scary on a whole new level.  I don’t like clowns.  Not sure what I need to do next year as this year will be hard to top.  Everyone was gone by 1 am.  

We got up and made a huge breakfast.  Friends that were at the hotel got here at 8 am and then many hit the road back to Utah.  Family and my best friends stayed for church.  I had a new calling extended to me.  Needless to say there was a mighty gasp from the people of Ammon.  I don’t think they saw this coming.  Neither did I.  I feel totally inadequate to this new calling.  I will love them and I will hopefully give them a Gift of Testimony.  

We had a great weekend but I am looking forward to bedtime tonight. After an event in Park City then driving back yesterday, then decorating and prep for the party I am beat!  One last comment.  BYU won and I predict they will win out or at least win most of their remaining games.  Rise & Shout.  Enjoy your Sabbath!

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