Sexual Harassment

A lot in the news the past few days about sexual harassment. None of this surprises me. Men in power have the propensity to abuse their power and to take advantage of those they view as weak. As a woman there are many reasons we are easy prey. Growing up as a cheerleader and being a cheerleader in college I definitely understand how men view you as an object of desire. It can be flattering and you want to be admired but some men don’t understand where the line is. Having been grabbed at a basketball game once and some of the vulgar things I have heard while at games directed at us is it any surprise that a man of wealth and power is so emboldened? They do not believe the rules apply to them. Their behavior is somehow excused. The rationalization is mind boggling. Matt Lauer for example. Not even two months ago was interviewing Bill O’Reilly and if you watch the interview and the hard questions he was asking just amazes me. His self righteousness when he himself was most likely much more guilty than Bill O’Reilly just shows how these men feel justified. It has to stop. I hope it stops because it is sad. Unfortunately most of the time being caught and the sorrow expressed by men like Matt Lauer is more akin to the sorrowing of the damned for having been caught than any real sorrow for their actions and the harm to victims. Anyway just my thoughts.


I love BYU. It has been hard to watch my team go 4-9. Hard to watch them fade as to relevance in the joke of Independence. Relieving Detmer of his duties as offensive coordinator was laughable. Yes the team sucked this year. No question. To make Detmer a scapegoat because someone has to be blamed is sad. I haven’t been this upset since Brandon Doman suffered the same fate a few years ago. Tom Holmoe at some point has to own years of bad decisions and poor leadership. Unfortunately he does not have the courage to step down himself. I am tired of the way he vicariously tries to run the football team. Bronco, now Kalani, can’t do much without the approval of Holmoe. This is why many qualified coaches do not seriously look at coming to BYU as an option. So as for us, family and several close friends we will be boycotting BYU. This hasn’t been an easy decision. But even BYU is not immune to the impact of lost revenue. The way we send a message is to make it financially hurt. We invite anyone else willing to not renew their season tickets, their Cougar Club donations and any other significant financial contribution to BYU until Tom Holmoe is gone. It is amazing how even a few of us are capable of making an impact. I hope many of us will drive the message home. #FireTomNow.

Have you ever?

Experienced someone’s gratitude to the degree neither of you could speak. All that was left was tears and hugs. I experienced this today and it has forever changed me. We may not be able to change the world, but we have it in us to change it for one person. May we find opportunities to bless each other’s lives this Christmas Season.

Event Season

The season is upon us. Last night was a great way to close out my favorite holiday of the year. We drove down to Salt Lake to see the Temple lights and to have dinner. We always dine at the Lion House. The kids think it is the greatest place to eat on Earth. So that is where we go. It is our tradition. Keith’s sister and her family don’t always get to come up from Texas so this year since they were here we went to Temple Square earlier than normal. I will admit I did enjoy the nicer weather. I have four more trees to put up this week. Two tonight at the Homestead, one tomorrow at the warehouse and one Thursday in Park City. I love the Season and I guess decorating is therapeutic for me. I find Peace and Joy in doing. I am grateful this year to only have six Christmas parties. Compared to 18-20 I usually do this feels surreal. Friday and Saturday this week then Wednesday through Saturday next week. I will be busy though and can’t wait to see Miracles this Christmas. Hope is a thing of wonder. If I didn’t know better I would think it magic. Some of the things planned this season. More time with family and friends, Miracles of Joy and Hope every day possible, a Castle for New Years with friends and Star Wars The Last Jedi with friends and clients. I do plan on sleeping in at least one day before the end of the year. Maybe I’ll do it for the Bowl Game BYU won’t be playing in this year lol. May all find Joy this Christmas Season and remember it is not about the gifts. It is about immersing yourselves in moments with those you care about. We would give our lives for those we love. Start with time. The memories come from those moments shared. Merry Christmas 🎁🎄😇♥️

Thanksgiving Day 2017

Woke up at 5 am today. So much to do so much I want to do. Keith had the flu hit him hard and fast last night. I love him but wanted to avoid the morning snuggles. This girl does not need the flu. Scotcharoos, pies, and cake are baked. Keith’s Mom is making her famous fudge today. I am still being trained in this great dessert art. I have not yet been granted the title of mastery. Maybe next year! Votes were taken last week over what pie flavors were wanted. The four chosen with the most votes were Apple, Key Lime, Lemon and Cherry. The fifth is a new pie recipe I found that I am super excited about. Here is the details.

Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie

I know it is going to melt brains today. I mean I get the classics everyone wants but you gotta get a little crazy during the Holidays! I’m all about that lol. We have two turkeys and a ham. One deep fried bird the other oven baked. The Ham is pineapple glazed with plenty of rings and chunks of pineapple. It is going to be a Feast. I have started the scones and hot chocolate and juice for those up already. Kids have been excited for the parade as well. I ♥️ Thanksgiving!