A Mighty Curse

1. Wo wo wo unto Cougar Nation.  A mighty curse has been brought unto you and your once mighty army of football players.  Winning has become slippery unto them.  

2. The army of Sitake marched to the City of Fresno to play the team of Fresno and they sucketh just enough to not win yet again.  My soul is wracked with despair. 

 3. Rise up and shake off the darkness that has clouded your game.  Seek the swagger of the winning and may the mantle of a champion once again fall upon thee.  

Seriously though WTF?!  They should have won last night.  I may have to come up with a ritual or something to free the Cougars from this curse.  Rise and Shout BYU fans this is rock bottom let’s start winning.  

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