I don’t really understand how some possess this trait and are so comfortable treating others so poorly. It isn’t just being mean. Cruelty is a whole other level. It isn’t just joking around at someone else’s expense. It is the deliberate intent to hurt someone. To make it personal. It is often premeditated. It is an individual lacking compassion or empathy. Cruelty strikes at stranger and family. Well known and unknown. No respecter of persons as there is plenty of cruelty to pass around. How sad bitterness and hatred can run so out of control in a person’s life. I choose love and forgiveness but I will steer clear of such toxicity. I hope they can find peace somehow.

3 thoughts on “Cruelty

  1. I am not sure what happened but I hope that you are OK. People can be insensitive and cruel sometimes not understanding what they are doing but more times than not they are just lacking humanity.

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