Monday Monday

Well no DP. I was like I can’t ask him now. What if he says no? Then it’s all awkward. Should have asked prior. I wanted to have fun, the last thing was to risk destroying the mood. I don’t think Shaun would go for a DP to be honest. He agreed to let Keith watch once in awhile but he wants all the attention. Anyway maybe I need to start taking resumes for guys willing to do a DP. Wouldn’t that be funny? Resume, interview then the big event lol. We met at the Grand America, got a room, then had about 3 hours of sexual delight. I got 3 loads from him. One oral the other two in me. Keith got sloppy seconds and head. He was so excited he didn’t last long. The Curse of Lust. Good times. I’ll be back next week I might cum down a day early. I owe Shaun another MFF. Not sure, maybe I’ll arrange a MFFF. Now the fun is over the rest of the week is all about being with Family. It’s Wednesday afternoon and I am baking away. I love coming up here to Bear Lake. We are supposed to have beautiful weather. We brought kites! The COOL ones! Planning on Temple Square to see the lights on Saturday. Earlier than normal but not living down here anymore it makes it a little more of a challenge especially with our Christmas plans. Anyway Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May you eat plenty, get lucky and save some room for dessert.

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