I love BYU. It has been hard to watch my team go 4-9. Hard to watch them fade as to relevance in the joke of Independence. Relieving Detmer of his duties as offensive coordinator was laughable. Yes the team sucked this year. No question. To make Detmer a scapegoat because someone has to be blamed is sad. I haven’t been this upset since Brandon Doman suffered the same fate a few years ago. Tom Holmoe at some point has to own years of bad decisions and poor leadership. Unfortunately he does not have the courage to step down himself. I am tired of the way he vicariously tries to run the football team. Bronco, now Kalani, can’t do much without the approval of Holmoe. This is why many qualified coaches do not seriously look at coming to BYU as an option. So as for us, family and several close friends we will be boycotting BYU. This hasn’t been an easy decision. But even BYU is not immune to the impact of lost revenue. The way we send a message is to make it financially hurt. We invite anyone else willing to not renew their season tickets, their Cougar Club donations and any other significant financial contribution to BYU until Tom Holmoe is gone. It is amazing how even a few of us are capable of making an impact. I hope many of us will drive the message home. #FireTomNow.

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