Sexual Harassment

A lot in the news the past few days about sexual harassment. None of this surprises me. Men in power have the propensity to abuse their power and to take advantage of those they view as weak. As a woman there are many reasons we are easy prey. Growing up as a cheerleader and being a cheerleader in college I definitely understand how men view you as an object of desire. It can be flattering and you want to be admired but some men don’t understand where the line is. Having been grabbed at a basketball game once and some of the vulgar things I have heard while at games directed at us is it any surprise that a man of wealth and power is so emboldened? They do not believe the rules apply to them. Their behavior is somehow excused. The rationalization is mind boggling. Matt Lauer for example. Not even two months ago was interviewing Bill O’Reilly and if you watch the interview and the hard questions he was asking just amazes me. His self righteousness when he himself was most likely much more guilty than Bill O’Reilly just shows how these men feel justified. It has to stop. I hope it stops because it is sad. Unfortunately most of the time being caught and the sorrow expressed by men like Matt Lauer is more akin to the sorrowing of the damned for having been caught than any real sorrow for their actions and the harm to victims. Anyway just my thoughts.

One thought on “Sexual Harassment

  1. I am waiting for someone with balls to step up ahead and apologize BEFORE being caught due to a conscience…. will it happen? Any real man knows the lines and does not cross them. The selfishness of these powerful “men” is extreme and immature.

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