Dressing up

I had my first two Corporate Christmas Parties this Friday and Saturday. They are always so fun. I am just glad there is only 6 this year and not 18. Friday was a fairly simple affair. They had a record breaking year and wanted to do a nice Prime Rib dinner, entertainment then bonuses and gifts. This company is seeing unprecedented profits and growth because they have built a foundation and culture on good people. I love being a part of a few events a year with them. Good people deserve good things. The magic was phenomenal. Illusionists are so amazing to watch. Some crazy things that truly make me believe in magic. Saturday required a bit more planning. We had a casino night, Filet Mignon dinner, then the employee auction and the date/spouse auction. The employee auction was pretty straight up and went fast. Everyone brought a gift and those that did the best in the casino games got to pick their auction items first then on down the line to those that went bust. Everyone took home something though. Some really awesome auction items to. Everything from drones to iPads to gift certificates, Zermatt and even Jazz tickets. The date/spouse auction was a bit more insane! There were 10 items up for auction. This group bought in to play which was a minimum $20 donation to a Non-profit Foundation. Those that got to bid were the ones that not only spent their own winnings but convinced others to give up some of their own. It was like a great money grab. Charisma won the night. Some of those gifts were big. It was a really fun night playing dress up and Keith coming down to be my date. He almost didn’t make it as he had been super busy at home but I pulled a rabbit out of my hat and got him here in time. Learned something from the illusionist I guess lol. Silly boy but wow Keith sure looked good in his tux. I seduced him and let’s just say I really wanted him last night. Men dress up once in awhile and take us to a big event. It is good to feel like a princess once in awhile. We are driving back to Idaho this morning and doing it all again next week. Four more events then I’m done!

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