Made it back to Idaho Falls in time for church. Enjoyed a nap after church and warm fresh cinnamon rolls tonight. Sitting here at the table drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall. It is coming down. I think winter is finally here. I love nights like this. Just quiet and peaceful. So much happening this time of year during the Holidays. Just pause the quiet moments and take a breath and while you can. The Christmas Devotional was a nice way to spend the evening with the kids. Isn’t it an irony that the Season of Peace can be one of such chaos? I often talk about all the good choices we have in our life. If we do it all we fail miserably. The greatest challenge in life truly is having the wisdom to choose the best and be ok with passing on some things. It keeps us in harmony and balance when we make choices and sacrifices. It gives us time to meditate and reflect on what we truly desire not just want. Simplifying our lives brings appreciation and gratitude. Happiness is fleeting but Joy can only be maintained if we slow down enough to not outrun it. May this Christmas Season bring us more Joy and less busy.

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