Why I ❤️ Work

Planning and Hosting a Corporate Event is something I love to do. There is a certain art to it. In the Planning Stage you have a creative element. Sometimes there is a theme or perhaps a message tie in. It may be subtle but it may be very direct. Working with clients several times a year, over many years, the creative element is a huge competitive advantage for me. I have honed the skill and know what they like. They pretty much just give me their credit card and a budget and I surprise them. The Set-up Stage has a relationship element that is critical. I take time to say hi and know everyone involved at my client’s events. Since I typically am using the same venues and vendors I have built some great collateral over the years. They joke around with me, we laugh a bit, even prank some and I always thank them. Even when we run into a glitch the client never knows because they have my back. I am fortunate that they care and want me to look good. The Execution Stage is what the guests experience. No one likes a boring party. Maybe this comes from years cheerleading or just being a social butterfly but a group of people, whether at a game or at an event are similar. A smile, a cheer, a greeting, timing, pulling my hair back over my ear, a touch to the forearm or a high five, eye contact, a question or even telling someone to do something all works. The trick is quickly identifying who are the influencers and getting them engaged. I cheat a bit with corporate events because I often know a few prior. But get them involved and excited and everyone has a good time. Whether it is an event that is more simplistic or a full on themed one, it is always about engaging the guests. If they have a good time everything else is perfect if everything else is perfect and the guests don’t enjoy themselves your event is a fail. Side note here. This is why I don’t do weddings. Too many variables I cannot control and too much stress leading up to it to diffuse. The Post Event Stage is my favorite. I often will have breakfast the next day or meet via a video call or in person after these events. Especially with my Six as I refer to my core clients. These meetings are a quick overview of the event we just had and then leads us into the Preliminary Stage of the next event. Most importantly thought is the continual nurturing of the relationship. This is what I do.

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