Event Season Giving

Well this is it. Four events in three days.

I. Can. Do. This!

I leave in the morning again for Park City. Tomorrow night is the first Christmas party with 212 expected guests. Friday there are two Christmas parties. A lunch event from 11:30 to 2:30 with 148 expected guests and a dinner event with 240 expected guests. It will be a very busy day Friday. Will have some great entertainment Friday night. Going to be running to get both set up and done. Saturday is a big event from 1:00 to 9:00. Includes a product showcase, training, keynote speaker, then dinner and awards recognition. Saturday is my biggest event of the Season. We are expecting 404 guests. Keith is flying down Saturday morning and going to be my guest at dinner. My plus one ♥️.

A couple of highlights planned for the upcoming Christmas parties. Thursday night everyone that makes a donation to the Jar gets a surprise envelope. In the envelope you may get a $50 bill, a $100 bill, a gift card to Texas Roadhouse, gift card to Kneaders, gift card to Toys R Us, a set of movie tickets or the grand prize a $500 American Express Gift Card. There are more movie tickets and Kneaders gift cards than anything. We appreciate our sponsors! Recommended donation as always $20 or more! 😇. Friday lunch we have asked everyone to bring cans of food for the Food Bank. Bring 4 cans and you are in the raffle for a ski trip and snowmobiling adventure, which includes a $500 American Express Gift Card and 3 days of luxurious living in Wyoming’s very own Jackson Hole. Friday night we have a live band and some great musical talent performing some beautiful Christmas songs. The company has had an employee giving program since January and has raised over $43K year to date. The CEO and Board has decided to give back. It will be fun as all the employees get American Express Gift Cards for Christmas. Giving is an investment in some cases. Reminds me of tithing lol. I love the gift of abundance. Hoping they give generously to the Jar. Saturday night we have two auctions planned. There will be a dozen silent auction items that employees can bid on and then the Big Event, a primary auction with three items. Throughout the afternoon everyone can earn auction money or even buy it on the Charity Exchange. The winners of the primary auction give their gift to another employee. It is always inspiring to watch everyone champion for others and pool their funds. The company has had two Christmas trees up since Thanksgiving at Corporate. One for the boys and one for the girls. They had over 100 gift ideas on each tree. Every single one was taken. Our hope is we see over 200 gifts under the Christmas tree Saturday night. Can you imagine?

Sunday early we fly to Dallas to attend the Graceland Ninjaz concert. My sister in law and I plan to dance the night away! They put on such great shows. Keith and I will fly back on Tuesday morning to Salt Lake City then drive home for a couple of days. We will be back in Zion Friday the 15th for our Star Wars The Last Jedi event.

I. Am. So. Excited!

It will be fun to entertain clients, business associates and friends. It has become a holiday tradition for us every year since we started in 2010. Spending time with those you care about is time spent well.

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