Sometimes I just shake my head at my blondeness. It is all I can do because I do some really silly things. Once again I scheduled a trip to see the Graceland Ninjaz in Dallas and once again I had the tickets and wrong dates. Twice in one year, just with the Ninjaz, and countless other blondesque planning blunders. Keith just laughs. I guess that is all he can do as he has submitted to it being a part of our lives. Anyway I don’t like feeling dumb. I guess it is my ego I am tripping over. I try so hard to be on top of all details but in my personal life it seems I am cursed. At least my sister in law can invite another couple to go with them. I’ll just change the airline tickets for another time. Silver lining right? I was really looking forward to dancing and music. Oh well we have Star Wars next week! Below is a link to the Ninjaz performing. They are the greatest party band ever! If you ever have the chance go see these guys do it. Girls, dancing for the Ninjaz is so insanely fun!

Ninjaz In Concert

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