Post Event Party

Here is the setting before I begin this entry.

Back in October I had a fun little threesome with Shaun and a recently divorced lady friend of his. She wanted to try girl girl and after much begging from Shaun and chatting with her some I thought we might see where it could go. Anyway, we ended up having a very fun night. We were both a little shy at first, especially her, but yeah once you get going it’s like a roller coaster. Throw your hands in the air and scream!

We have kept in touch and haven’t been able to make a Shaun threesome work again with our schedules but last night we decided to surprise Keith. Since it was a surprise I didn’t want anyone to feel any pressure or anything. Figured she and I could play and he could watch. I mean she likes me, I like her. I’m sure there are worse ways to spend Saturday night for him.

We wrapped up the event around 10. He came down to be my plus one for dinner and fun. She was waiting for us at the house. Had a hot bubble bath by candlelight ready for her and I. Keith saw the car in the driveway and a few lights on so he knew something was up. She was in one of my robes in the kitchen making some treats. I got quite the kiss when we walked in and while kissing she shook his hand. After I introduced Keith, she and I headed to the bath! I love bubbles! I love girls in bubbles. The oils and bubbles make you so slippery. Nothing like rubbing against someone. Stimulating and warm,

Keith made his way in and sort of talked to us. Gave us a few instructions when he thought of some. It was a nice make out in the bubbles lol. I love saying bubbles, it just brings a smile! I don’t want to bore you with all the details but eventually we talked him out of his clothes. It was super fun with both of us giving him head. We got him to cum that way. After he recharged, I teased her pussy with his cock before dipping it in her. I would put him in a little then pull him out to lick off her wetness. Then run my tongue over her clit and into her. She wanted it so bad. Was only her third cock ever. I think I melted Keith’s brain. He had no idea I had naughty on the late night schedule. We did get a couple of hours sleep. I introduced her to the double ended dildo. We took a shower together this morning and I got one more orgasm for the road. We definitely need to play again. Shaun missed out last night. Keith could have used a wingman. Shaun knows it lol. 😇

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