Happy Christmas Eve 2017

Well today I love! It is a special kind of wonderful when Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. It’s like getting two for one on your Christmas. For us there is no shopping, Church is only sacrament, more time to cook, bake, play games and watch movies. So today I am once again grateful. As busy as it has been I needed today.

This morning started off with some crazy. We hear this scream! I was like “what is wrong?” Our daughter brings up a ransom note. The Sloth has been kidnapped! The note simply said is we have your Sloth. We will release him unharmed at 6 pm Christmas Day if you perform one act of kindness for each member of your family. I was like oh that sounds nice. But no she went looking for the Sloth. After an hour and no Sloth she realized she best do what the ransom note demands or her beloved Sloth might be gone forever. I agree though who kidnaps a Sloth? We both have a pretty good idea though.

Days like this can be stressful. Sloths go missing, lots of treats need made and most importantly figuring out what to wear. I mean next to your missionary having his Farewell this and Easter are the biggest dress up days of the year. You have to wear something special. It cannot be something you wear regularly. Unlike on Easter it shouldn’t be something new. Your Christmas outfit should include red. It is the one day of the year Cougar Nation embraces the color red, but in the Spirit if Christmas it is excusable. So I selected my red skirt I made, my red heels and a dark green sweater. I think I nailed it. I have included the pic below of my skirt along with the pic of our missing Sloth. If you spot him please contact the local authorities.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas. May you find great Joy this Season

🎄🎁 😇⛄️♥️

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