Game Day

Today is Game Day! Our 10 year old has been practicing so hard since last season. After two boys that had no interest in basketball I am sure you can understand how excited Keith is. He signed up to be his coach and I am the team mom and everyone is ready for the games to start. It’s like a really big deal. So I got a couple of sponsors. They gave us enough money we were able to get all the boys real basketball shoes and warm up shirts. We also set up a team website with a store so mom and dad and other fans can order team gear. Our first order came in and everyone has been picking up their merchandise since we got home from Orlando. We have a legit booster club!

The boys are going to do so well. Yesterday I mentioned to my little guy that he needs to run the backdoor play and dunk the ball. He was like “Mom you know I can’t dunk yet right?” I was like it is ok you will in a few years. Last year he averaged 3.6 points a game. His ball handling has improved and he knows more how to move without the 🏀 to get open. I am thinking maybe a 6 point average this year. If he crashes the boards hard it could be more! In the parents meeting we were talking about taking the boys to see a Jazz game. Keith has challenged his friend, who is a coach in Orem, to a game. So we just need to try and make all that work in a weekend. I believe team unity is very important so the away game and Jazz game and movie night and end of season party are a big deal. We even have a roster set up for other moms to help with the after game treats. Anyway this is one of the paydays in being a parent. Go big or stay home. ♥️

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