What a Game!

I picked Alabama to win it all but down 20-7 in the third quarter I was thinking it didn’t look good. When Georgia hit that 3rd and 11 TD pass for 80 yards I was like CRAP! But the game was super exciting to watch. Alabama clawing their way back to 20-10 then another field goal 20-13 then the TD 20-20 then forcing Georgia to punt. I’m like game over. Alabama misses the field goal. I literally was like wtf?! Overtime and Georgia hits a 51 yard field goal. I was thinking after the sack by Georgia everything was going their way. Then the TD bomb. Game over for reals! True freshmen came to play. That is why they are so great.

Keith was at the game in Atlanta with his brother and dad. He was telling some Alabama fans when they were down 20-10 not to worry I had already called the game and I picked Alabama to win. They were not as believing but by the end of the game they were believers lol. I’m glad they had a good time. Keith’s dad loves college football and this was a real treat for them. Here at home it was a pretty quiet day. Mostly just planned for the game tonight. We did nachos and cheese and chicken wings from

They were soooo good! So we feasted on the wings, nachos & cheese, Peanut Butter M&Ms and Cherry Coke! I’m still wired. A very awesome night. Keith gets home tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday we get up and drive to Boise to pick up our addition to the family. Our Dog is getting a brother. A Dachshund puppy is joining our tribe. The kids have settled on the name Dash. I think it’s cute. Our dog is very excited and has promised to help train Dash. I’m sure Wednesday night will be a bit crazy. The Young Women are coming to our house to hang out for Mutual. We are ordering pizza and having rootbeer floats. I’m sure the fur babies will all get lots of love, especially Dash. We have some games planned as well. It’s what we do. Roll Tide!

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