Island Park

We had a last minute opportunity to get the Lake House for the MLK weekend. We took it! We enjoyed a quiet night at home Friday and watched Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It was pretty good actually despite what the critics had to say.

Saturday morning was the basketball game. The boys did so well. The final score was 62-22. We had a gift card for $10 to Cold Stone the boys gave as a sportsman award to one of the other teams players. Our players got Snickers bars and a Capri Sun for the after game treat. I love being a Team Mom. We all had on our team gear on and the Booster Club is going strong. If they go 5-0 and average 50 points a game the Booster Club is taking them to play Laser Tag for a team building activity.

After the game we stopped and grabbed some groceries at Smith then headed to Island Park. We got there about 1:00 had some lunch and Keith took the kids out on a snowmobile run in the afternoon. I got to keep the Dogs company and started the chicken enchiladas for dinner. It has been such a bummer with my hand in a brace. I can’t do anything fun right now. Oh well a couple of weeks and I’ll be free. As long as I quit texting with one hand and my thumb I should make a full recovery. Carpal Tunnel sucks bad. Just saying. After dinner we had an epic, highly contested, game of Settlers of Catan. I did not win. There are some ruthless players in this family that would not give me Iron. I may not have served dessert after. Keith though took me on a night ride which was so cool. We didn’t take chances just a nice ride and stopped and turned off the lights and sled and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. Some making out did occur but I would not let him go under my clothes lol. It was way too cold. We finished our fun back at the Lake House 😇.

Sunday morning we got up and had blueberry muffins and juice for breakfast. Then we headed back to Idaho Falls for church. Stopped by the Homestead to get ready and drop off the dogs. Wasn’t willing to leave the puppy up there for 6 hours. We will be heading back soon. Going to grab a quick bite to eat, load up the dogs and head back after church. Tonight some friends are coming up to stay the night and tomorrow morning some more friends will be coming to spend the day. I love three day weekends. Monday there will be lots of snowmobiling and food. Makes for a great day!

Wednesday Mandy and I leave for Hawaii. I will be missing The Sundance Film Festival this year but we have some serious dōTERRA business on the islands. We will be training, teaching classes, hosting some parties and generally having a lot of fun. Four Island, hundreds of peeps, 12 day adventure. Lots and lots of giveaways and incentives. Conquering the world. I can’t wait! Mandy and I plan on having some behind the locked door fun as well. Been way too long. ♥️

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