So….my BFF Mandy tells me I am like a hurricane. I’m like oh, do tell. Because I have no idea where she comes up with that. So…she says “you are not the organized perfect specimen of perfection you portray.” She is like “I know.” I’m like “go on.” I guess I have a calm and balanced center but all around me is the force of my presence. Organized Chaos she calls it. I am very spontaneous. I agree. Ask Fav. I hadn’t really considered myself a force of any kind, but I guess I am quite a free spirit and am always doing something. She is like no it’s more like something is always doing around you. You just pick the something you decide looks entertaining. I do a lot of pivots in my plans and often drag people willingly or not into something new and fun. Mandy says I don’t conform to the rules I make my own. I guess that is true. I don’t know if a hurricane surrounds me or not or maybe I just am moving at that speed so don’t notice it. I do enjoy life and tend to run with it. I mean why walk to see what is over the horizon?

This next two weeks I should get everything I can handle though. We are here in Salt Lake waiting to board our flight to Hawaii. Mandy and I plan to conquer the world. I have a shot at Diamond this month in dōTERRA. It’s a pretty big deal and milestone they say. I have a pretty big mountain to climb with 5400 volume but it is possible. So we will work and work hard. We have training, classes, one on ones, phone calls, video calls, incentives, parties, samples and some late nights and early mornings. Sara is headed to the East Coast in the face of crazy weather to make it happen there. She is close to Diamond as well and we both want this! So I will definitely make some time to take a breath and enjoy Paradise but we are going for it. The dōTERRA Hawaii Tour 2018 has begun. Four Islands, Twelve Days, Hundreds of Samples and hang on for the ride. Ha ha Mandy just showed me this video and said yep but your not lightning your a hurricane. Cars Intro

4 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. Unlike the weather version, that leaves destruction and despair along its path, your hurricane leaves hope, happiness and smiles strewn across the land. The world changes as your winds fly by, one person at a time.

  2. I just want to know why Sara got the frozen north as You and Mandy enjoy the sun. rock-paper-scissors? Makes me so mad… Like paper really beats a rock..grrr.

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