Lanikai Beach Sunrise

Cloudy days make for some epic sunrises here in the Islands. Mandy and I got up early and packed up a light breakfast. Lanikai Beach is only a 30 minute walk from the property we are staying at, so flashlight in hand we were off on our adventure. Camera ready at 7:11 am and the sky lit up. I have no words. This is the pic I have chosen to share.

Suffice it to say I could not hold back tears. This trip has been very emotional for me so far. My friend held me and we shed a few tears of Joy watching the brilliance above. I didn’t want to miss a second of God’s production. We are now having a lite breakfast. We each brought a muffin. I love blueberry! We also have some delicious fruit. Top it off with some pineapple juice and we have had a very Good morning so far. More to cum but this I had to share. ♥️

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