Pleasure Island

This trip out to Hawaii has been special for many reasons. But one of the things I have been looking most forward to is time with my friend Mandy. Time away from family with just her or Sara is rare. Even on this trip there will not be a lot of just us time where we can fool around. Wednesday night we were exhausted. By the time everyone left the party sleep was the only thing on my mind. Mandy was fading even before the guests left. So it was up to me to be the social butterfly. I managed, then I crashed. We slept in Thursday morning, then slept on the beach for awhile. Love the Hawaiian Sun. We had an afternoon and evening full of dōTERRA but we weren’t as tired last night 🙂

The naughty started as soon as we got in the Explorer to head back. A few minutes making out never hurt anyone. I drove and she was naked by the time we got back to the house. I mean naked. I really like watching Mandy masturbate. She moans and it just absolutely turns me on. More making out against the Explorer, against the wall, her pulling my clothes off, into the pool and then she went down on me and OMG! I didn’t even try not to scream. She has no mercy and does not let up. I have just had to learn to fight through it. Orgasms like that are like being tickled. Intensely pleasurable and you do not have the strength to stop it. We finally made it into bed around midnight. There are three things I really love to do with another girl. Fingering is an art that I am pretty good at. Mandy had no complaints. Scissoring is one of the most wet and intensely pleasurable experiences I have ever enjoyed. You just grind into each other and your pussies are slippery and lots of wet. Did I mention really, really wet? You can really get a work out doing that. Really good for the abs lol. Finally, I love love love the double ended dildo. I just get to the point I need penetration. That double dong is really big and fucking each other is intense. Every movement you can feel from each other. We started the day early with the sunrise and breakfast at Lanikai Beach. I don’t know how much more naughty time we will have the rest of this trip but damn I want her again.

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