Second Week in Paradise

Monday evening we caught our flight to the Big Island of Hawaii. This week has started to slow down. We only have a few people on the Big Island and on Kauai so the work has been more one on one and foundational work. The classes have been smaller and more intimate. Different pace but we still have fun. More time on the beach to!

A couple of highlights of week two. We met with a Resort here and discussed dōTERRA essential oils being used in their spas. It went really well and we were invited back to do a presentation on the Aroma Touch Technique. I ended up the model. It was like I drew the small straw but there were no straws! I like aroma touch massage, but naked under a sheet, in a room of people, laying on the table face down topless. Yeah that was pretty awkward. I however took one for the team and was the best model I could be. I also got a 90 minute hot rock massage but with no crowd. That was a bit more relaxing. Our hosts treated us well.

Only four of us came to the Big Island. I wanted to do something special because they have given up two weeks and much more in pulling this Hawaiian Tour together. I hired a photographer to spend Wednesday afternoon with us at the beach. He was great and took lots of pics and drew a crowd. Mandy told these guys watching we were doing a calendar spread lol. I was laughing so hard I embarrassed myself. It was funny though because she said it with such a straight face I almost believed her. Anyway I have included a pic here.

Thursday morning we flew to Kauai. We had all afternoon to relax. Spent more time at the beach, went on a hike and a catered dinner party for a few friends I had met last time we were here and a few dōTERRA people our Hawaiian team has enrolled. Loved having the Tiki Torches all lit up last night. Highlight of dinner was the Smoothie Bar. You could have one of their creations or they would custom make one of your choosing. We went totally mad scientist on them. Best. Smoothies. Ever!

This morning we got up, went for another hike and then breakfast in Princeville. I am excited for our last push tonight and tomorrow. Hoping to make some dōTERRA magic here in Kauai. This afternoon a couple more of our team will be joining us. Sunday we head back to Oahu for one last day. Going to run up to the North Shore and if we can I want to go see my Dolphins! Flight isn’t till 10 pm Monday so we have time.

Our boy toys from last Friday are really wanting to hook up again. They have been flirting pretty continuously all week. Only time we could even make something happen would be Sunday night. Would be fun to play a bit before heading home. It is kinda up in the air. They said they would keep their schedules free. That made me smile. We shall see what happens.

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