Kilauea Surprise

Yesterday was a perfect day. Well maybe not perfect with the rain all afternoon and evening, but when in Hawaii rain happens. I got up and went on a 5 mile run along the coastal road. The beaches along the North Shores of Kauai are beautiful. Well to be honest I haven’t seen a beach on Kauai I haven’t loved.

Started our afternoon off with a Make It Take It Experience, then we had training on “How to use essential oils daily” and “Success with dōTERRA.” We wrapped up with a leadership panel and 4 of us answered a variety of questions. When the event started Mandy said she had a surprise and invited, no commanded, everyone to invite their spouses for dinner and something after they would not want to miss. I had no idea what this “Surprise” was, she hadn’t mentioned anything. Unfortunately my spouse wasn’t able to attend.

We had dinner at 5 and with the rain the evening wasn’t exactly the way Mandy had envisioned. Mandy’s surprise was entertainment, a pianist. He brought his digital keyboard and played 90 minutes for us after dinner and during the sunset. Even though we didn’t get to watch a sunset from the bluff as planned it was still an experience. With the rain we were indoors but the sound of falling rain in the background was peaceful. We had the walls opened up and listening to the beautiful music was such a great way to end our Hawaiian Tour. There were rock songs, some classics from the great composers, some great numbers from a few of my favorite movies and Bon Jovi! I loved them all but two songs really brought tears to my eyes. Bon Jovi Bed of Roses and Hans Zimmer’s Time from the movie Inception. I have included links of the songs in case you are unfamiliar with them.

Bed of Roses

Time from Inception

Hearing this beautiful music only with the piano as the sky darkened and the rain fell was magical. I know Mandy wanted the sunset but I believe it couldn’t have been any more perfect. Almost everyone was able to stay and enjoy her gift. There was few dry eyes. I’m looking forward to going home but Paradise is never an easy place to leave. I have included the sunset from Friday night to see what Mandy was trying to make happen. I have no complaints though as I love the rain. Moments never fade.

One thought on “Kilauea Surprise

  1. Music has a power beyond mere sound. It can bring peace to the restless, a smile to a sad face, or even make friends laugh and dance. Magical. Sounds like an amazing night.

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