I have a love/hate relationship with our kid’s schools. We are those parents that often take our kids out of school. I don’t think any of our kids have ever had perfect attendance. They are good students. Mostly A grades and a few B grades. We just have things to do that the schools schedule isn’t very accommodating for. There are ski days and vacation plans and trips that are really important. I have no doubt educational to! Sometimes there are movies and lunch dates with mom or dad. There is the occasional dentist appointment and those are no fun. I usually try and schedule those for after school. My philosophy is if your getting out of class make it worthwhile.

Tomorrow I get to call and excuse our 13 year old from three days of school. Total legit educational experience. He and Keith are going to Rochester New York. It is integral to this projects success that he is there. Sometimes there is no substitute for a 13 year old.

I am expecting a full court press from the administration. They are very frustrated with me. It is ridiculous that we butt heads every single time I excuse one of the kids. Here is a young man that is almost a straight A student. Tests are off the charts for his grade level. He doesn’t even have a mobile phone in the classroom. Do they not have bigger battles to fight than this business trip he is going on with his father? I am considering having our attorney send them a letter. Maybe this could be construed as harassment lol. I will say this, there is so much more to education than sitting in a classroom. It does have its place, but a perfect attendance piece of paper is a farce of a recognition award. Shame on them for even making me write this post. 😡

I love this pic! This is so my Keith. I can’t wait to hear about their grand adventure!

Date Night

This has been BOGO week with dōTERRA! I have been up early every day recording videos and a lot of time messaging and on the phone. Sure is good for business but makes for a long week. Friday we got the added joy of meeting with the contractor to go over the budgets for our project. Happy to report on the finish work we are 10% below budget. Boom!

Keith asked me on an “official” date Friday. You know where he calls you up and says “Angie would you like to go out with me tonight?” I thought it was sweet and it wasn’t by text. I said let me check my calendar, kids all had plans so I was free. I accepted the invitation.

He took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Steaks, baked potato, salad, rolls and Virgin Margaritas. On a Friday night their call ahead is the best way to do dinner. It’s “not” a reservation but the wait time was only like 10 minutes once we got there. Afterward he had a surprise. One thing I have learned about Keith is if he formally asks me on a date he has made some plans. Usually involves some degree of romance and ends on a happy note, so we head to the Warehouse. I am like ok. He knew how much I enjoyed dancing after the Valentine’s Party so he had music prepared and we danced, made out, touched lol. There were slow dances and lap dances. Ended up making love on the kitchen bar to pretty music which was fun. I love passionate kisses and throbbing cock.

Saturday morning I was up early again with the last day of BOGOS. Got that done, packed, then our youngest son had his basketball game. Last official game of the season against the only other undefeated team. The two powerhouses of Idaho Falls 10 year old basketball. It was serious. The game started out slow. It was 6-4 after 4 minutes. Our star player was sick and they had some big players. I was a little worried. Coach made some adjustments. Our boys played D. The Boosters were loud. We scored a few fast point baskets and they couldn’t get a basket to fall for nearly 8 minutes. We ended up winning 56-22. I felt bad for the other boys because they were really good. The boys ended the season 8-0. I need to start planning the end of year party.

After our son’s game we left for Utah. BYU vs 6th ranked Gonzaga to finish the season. I’ll be honest here, I did not expect BYU would even compete in this one, but for a half they were in it. They fought back to within 2 and had a couple opportunities to tie it before half, but Gonzaga drained a 3 just before the buzzer and that was the beginning of the end for BYU. It was a fun game. We shared three Cougar tails among everyone. I had a milk with mine. Cheered loud, saw friends, and the Cheer squad and Cougarettes both had great performances.

We are driving home this morning. I am so excited to see all the snow. Roads are in pretty good shape though so other than Malad we should be good, just a bit slower than normal. Church is at 11 and we should make it. I’m planning on a nap this afternoon. Tomorrow Keith and our 13 year old are headed to NY. Some business that requires a 13 year olds input. Seriously! I leave Wednesday for dōTERRA Tour 2018 with Sara. I am so excited to get to know my Texas peeps. We have 4 exciting days planned. The Tour includes stops in Houston, San Antonio, Waco and Dallas. A fun start to March ahead.

Modern Day Musings

Ether 2:12 Behold, this is a choice land, and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall be free from bondage, and from captivity, and from all other nations under heaven, if they will but serve the God of the land, who is Jesus Christ, who hath been manifested by the things which we have written.

The Book of Mormon clearly states that as long as we worship the God of this land, who is Jesus Christ, we will not be brought into bondage and be free from captivity. We are not living in the peace promised to us. We as a nation are in bondage, which did not exist even two generations ago. This bondage has revealed itself as debt, addiction, ignorance and fear. All four at epidemic levels.

Debt at all levels has escalated since the mid 20th century. Consumer debt is offered now to high school students. Most Americans don’t have even $400 in savings to deal with an emergency. Communities are filing for bankruptcy and our National debt has robbed our children of their future unless drastic changes occur. There is no accountability by any politician because the Age of Entitlement has erased responsibility. It would be the end of a politician to push the issue. Debt has demands that rob us of Joy.

Addiction. Such a frightening word. We all know someone that is dealing with or suffering from the devastating effects of this unforgiving enemy. Many of us have been close to someone that has paid the ultimate price in dying because of their captivity. The sad thing in those fighting the effects of addiction is God has been chased away. Modern 12 Step Programs have removed God from recovery. They acknowledge a higher power but it can be defined as anything you want it to be. Often these poor souls are shamed if their higher power is named as God. Can you imagine? Can you possibly have any hope to recover without the power of God? No wonder addiction has brought so many into bondage. Without God in the world there is no hope.

Ignorance in the day of so much information is such an irony. How can such an enlightened people be such fools? It is the continued pursuit of meaninglessness. When you can waste so much time chasing pleasure and even more so in avoiding responsibility you have the recipe for ignorance. Wisdom comes from learning things of value and experience from developing a habit of good choices. I won’t even touch politics in this post and the dumbing down and manipulation of the citizens. Ignorance is probably the greatest threat to society.

Fear. I remember the Cold War. But I do not remember the Cold War causing such debilitating fear and anger. The fear today constantly is stirring up the people to anger and quarrel with one another. If ever the cry of repentance needs to be shouted it is today. Sadly the day has passed, the people are ripe nigh unto destruction. When the prophets stop crying repentance and warning you know the crap is about to hit the fan. Pay close attention to the messages of General Conference. So much of the messages have to do with strengthening the Saints. They know what is coming and they are making sure those that should be listening have oil in their lamps. Light chases away fear. The Light of the Gospel of Christ is more powerful than the sword. There is so much we can do to avoid the bondage of Fear.


A few examples. We need more of

We need to not ever forget that no matter the darkness, even in an eclipse, the light is always there.


In the aftermath of another school shooting. This time 17 souls dead. There are so many questions, so much pain and as usual so many opinions. I am not going to offer my opinion as to what is broken. It doesn’t really matter as I have zero influence to make change. I do offer up one thought. Kids are all different. The one thing we can have in common is simply to be nice. #BeTheNiceKid. If you are so inclined spread the message. ♥️

Valentine’s Party

It is Valentine’s Day 2018. This year we wanted to do something special with friends. Sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy Valentine’s even if you have everything planned. Restaurants are running late, flowers don’t get delivered and parking can be difficult. It is supposed to be a fun date right? I have hosted several Valentine’s parties in the past but it’s been like a dozen couples at a restaurant or a BBQ. All fun, but this year we have access to a Warehouse just sitting there. So early January I contacted a caterer, reserved the night and began my planning. We have room for 50 couples. We charged $20 per couple and we are having a salad, steak or chicken, a baked potato (we are in Idaho after all), mixed veggies and jello for dessert. I have never done a Valentine’s Party this big. I was nervous we could get 50 couples to come at all, but we sold out.

Yesterday we did the prep. We had rented tables, chairs and linens. I brought a bunch of Christmas lights and we hung them across the room. So tonight with the candles on the tables and Christmas lights hung it was so romantic. It is amazing what lighting and music can do to create atmosphere even in a warehouse.

For entertainment I had booked an illusionist. He was REALLY good! He did this trick where he made one of our guests disappear. She then walked in the room from the back and was like totally confused how she ended up back there. I was FREAKED out it was so cool. So he picked another guest and did it again. He disappeared to but outside to the parking lot. He came in the front door and had this wtf look on his face. I have no idea how our illusionist did it but OMG I was so blown away. There wasn’t even a box he had them get in just this magic blanket. Then they were gone. All of his illusions were amazing.

The evening wrapped up with an informal dance for those brave souls who decided to stay. We only played five songs but it was great to dance with my Valentine and we sat around talking with friends. I did not promote the dancing because I didn’t want to scare away the men. Keith didn’t even know, but I had the first song dedicated to him so he had to dance :). I believe everyone had a great time. No one asked for their money back so I count it a win! I had so much fun. ♥️