This past week has been a wild ride in the Stock Market. I’m not the one that takes care of such things in our marriage but when you see your husband stressing and hear about record drops it becomes alarming. Especially when he says two things. First we lost X amount and second we need to buy stocks. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a WTF moment that was for me. My friends would be the first to say I’m not a numbers person. It is just not the way I am wired. I believe in investing three ways. In Dirt, Gold and Family. It’s simple and it works. Well I learned a few things this week that I will have to trust in. Our losses were not as great as our gains have been since Trump became President. So we are still net positive. Plus the best time to buy is now when everyone is in a panic. So Keith bought. I will trust him on this, but yeah it is a bit crazy to me. Anyhow glad I normally don’t know or care about this. My hope is it goes back into daily obscurity and I am not in the need to know.




2 thoughts on “Investments

  1. I swear I can hear the verses of a hit country song now…

    🎶dirt, gold and family have great value I can see..
    have a place to call my home and live among the free… 🎵

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