Road Trip

The wind here in Idaho Falls finally calmed down last night. The wind chill has been brutal with 15-30 mph gusts. I am in Utah now and I have brought the bad weather with me. You are welcome. 🙂 It was super cold today in Provo and I hear it’s even colder in Park City.

The boys are now 6-0 in basketball. Today’s challenge was a bit different. The other team played dirty. Every shot was contested with a foul and literally almost being tackled on a few layups. The boys fought through it and listened to their coaches and won 44-10. The boys kept cooler heads than the parents. Poor high school refs got an earful. Glad none of the boys got hurt. I hate seeing a coach teaching kids bad habits like that. May work on some teams but our boys are too good. First game it was a bit hard to give a sportsman award to, but the boys did it. Character building game. I must admit being the team mom and sleeping with the coach has its perks ♥️

Right after the game we headed south to Zion. Unfortunately it is an almost four hour drive. We made it it in just over three hours. So we got to see the second half of the BYU vs San Francisco game. I admit I thought BYU blew it again but somehow they tied it up, then won in overtime! It was an insane finish and the Marriott Center was rocking. Was fun sticking around and seeing some BYU peeps. Happy for the overtime since we missed the first half. Sorry to the peeps we chased out of our seats.

After the game we spent some time at Keith’s parents and now on the way up to Park City. We are going to take the kids to Jupiter Bowl to play and get some food. The kids are still buzzed from the Cougar Tails and sodas. I love taking the kids on road trips. We sing, play and talk about important things. It amazes me their principal gets frustrated with me for taking them out of school. They have very good grades. I just tell him that they need a complete education. I think he finds me vexing. Well we are here. Off to have fun. Goodnight!

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