Valentine’s Party

It is Valentine’s Day 2018. This year we wanted to do something special with friends. Sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy Valentine’s even if you have everything planned. Restaurants are running late, flowers don’t get delivered and parking can be difficult. It is supposed to be a fun date right? I have hosted several Valentine’s parties in the past but it’s been like a dozen couples at a restaurant or a BBQ. All fun, but this year we have access to a Warehouse just sitting there. So early January I contacted a caterer, reserved the night and began my planning. We have room for 50 couples. We charged $20 per couple and we are having a salad, steak or chicken, a baked potato (we are in Idaho after all), mixed veggies and jello for dessert. I have never done a Valentine’s Party this big. I was nervous we could get 50 couples to come at all, but we sold out.

Yesterday we did the prep. We had rented tables, chairs and linens. I brought a bunch of Christmas lights and we hung them across the room. So tonight with the candles on the tables and Christmas lights hung it was so romantic. It is amazing what lighting and music can do to create atmosphere even in a warehouse.

For entertainment I had booked an illusionist. He was REALLY good! He did this trick where he made one of our guests disappear. She then walked in the room from the back and was like totally confused how she ended up back there. I was FREAKED out it was so cool. So he picked another guest and did it again. He disappeared to but outside to the parking lot. He came in the front door and had this wtf look on his face. I have no idea how our illusionist did it but OMG I was so blown away. There wasn’t even a box he had them get in just this magic blanket. Then they were gone. All of his illusions were amazing.

The evening wrapped up with an informal dance for those brave souls who decided to stay. We only played five songs but it was great to dance with my Valentine and we sat around talking with friends. I did not promote the dancing because I didn’t want to scare away the men. Keith didn’t even know, but I had the first song dedicated to him so he had to dance :). I believe everyone had a great time. No one asked for their money back so I count it a win! I had so much fun. ♥️

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