I have a love/hate relationship with our kid’s schools. We are those parents that often take our kids out of school. I don’t think any of our kids have ever had perfect attendance. They are good students. Mostly A grades and a few B grades. We just have things to do that the schools schedule isn’t very accommodating for. There are ski days and vacation plans and trips that are really important. I have no doubt educational to! Sometimes there are movies and lunch dates with mom or dad. There is the occasional dentist appointment and those are no fun. I usually try and schedule those for after school. My philosophy is if your getting out of class make it worthwhile.

Tomorrow I get to call and excuse our 13 year old from three days of school. Total legit educational experience. He and Keith are going to Rochester New York. It is integral to this projects success that he is there. Sometimes there is no substitute for a 13 year old.

I am expecting a full court press from the administration. They are very frustrated with me. It is ridiculous that we butt heads every single time I excuse one of the kids. Here is a young man that is almost a straight A student. Tests are off the charts for his grade level. He doesn’t even have a mobile phone in the classroom. Do they not have bigger battles to fight than this business trip he is going on with his father? I am considering having our attorney send them a letter. Maybe this could be construed as harassment lol. I will say this, there is so much more to education than sitting in a classroom. It does have its place, but a perfect attendance piece of paper is a farce of a recognition award. Shame on them for even making me write this post. 😡

I love this pic! This is so my Keith. I can’t wait to hear about their grand adventure!

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