The Game

BYU won Monday night and beat St. Mary’s. I told Keith they were going to win. He didn’t believe me. He should have though. So anyway we decided to head down to the WCC Championship game against Gonzaga. I couldn’t get airlines tickets out of Idaho Falls for a reasonable price so we got up Tuesday morning and drove to Salt Lake City and flew from there. Still were pricey but less so than from Idaho. Mandy and her hubby were already there and we talked Sara and her hubby in going down but they got up early and drove. We all stayed at Caesar’s Palace. I haven’t stayed there before and it is very cool. As you all probably know BYU got smashed. It wasn’t pretty and I won’t spend time reminiscing as it really was ugly.

So after the game we had the post game or as I like to call it, The Game. We had three rooms. The rules were pretty simple. You had 20 minutes to play and 5 minutes to get to the next room. Since we were in Vegas we had to have the element of chance. So the girl in Mandy’s room rolled a dice at 20 minutes and texted the group. Odd number the guys ran, even number girls ran. So when the 20 ran out you had to dress and go. The rooms were all in the same tower so 5 minutes was enough if you didn’t run into any obstacles. If you didn’t make it in 5 minutes you went to the penalty box. Which was 5 minutes of lost play time. No touchy touchy.

A few of the complexities to The Game. First the elevator. It could cause delays of valuable seconds or even minutes. You found out where the stairs were really fast. Second you could do anything but full intercourse so in the heat of the moment 20 minutes passes really fast. Strategic-wise best not to get too naked. Also a good idea to keep clothes easy to gather and dress. Sacrificing a minute to start getting ready early could save you 5 minutes of penalty. Oh yes, you learn to cheat a little. The non-runner could get ready for fun while the runner was coming. I found this particularly beneficial. Third the dice roll also indicated where the runner in Mandy’s room was going. So here was the breakdown:

1 Mandy

2 Her Hubby

3 Me

4 Keith

5 Sara

6 Her Hubby

The other two had to decide where they were going and try to communicate that in the group text. No side texting allowed. So as you can imagine there was a lot of chatter to cause confusion. Yes you could end up staying in the room if the dice roll was with the person you were with, which was 5 minutes bonus time and the others were running. Had that happen once. The ensuing dip was very nice!

So we played several hours of The Game Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. We started around 11:30 after walking around a little and grabbing some Virgin Margaritas. It was about 4 when everyone started crashing lol. The real challenge and fun for us girls was getting the guys hard, keeping them from cumming and then if it was an odd role watching them try and get ready to run with a hard on. For the girls it was trying to look presentable enough to leave the room. The guys were messing up our hair and generally wrinkling our clothes. There were some looks as we were walking or jogging or running down hallways. My blonde hair (yes Fav) was a little messed up.

Wednesday morning everyone slept in, had a late breakfast and we went to the spa for massages and some attention. I had my favorite. The boys went exploring and ended up at the stratosphere. They did the bungee jump thing. Brave souls is all I can say. It’s like way up there.

We ended up seeing the Donnie & Marie show Wednesday evening and enjoying some relax time. We chatted and just enjoyed being with our friends mostly. The only naughty was some girl girl kissing so the guys could judge what they thought was most hot. It seems they like it when they can see tongues touching or a lower lip being lightly bitten. That was the consensus. I definitely gave Keith a night to remember when we got back to the room. We are getting ready to board our flight and should be home by 6. Always excited to be headed home.

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