March Madness 2018

I have three brackets this year. The family bracket, friend bracket and young women bracket. Monday night we had friends over for the Bracket Party. Keith was King of the Grill and barbecued hamburgers & hotdogs. Everyone set up their brackets even some not planning to. Peer pressure and prizes tend to be powerful motivations. The overall winner gets an Xbox One with some games and all those that pick the NIT winner get a set of movie tickets. It’s going to be a fun group, we have over 100 playing.

The young women came over on Tuesday evening for our activity of eating pizza and filling out brackets for March Madness. The Bishopric came as our Tournament Experts to help the girls as most of them had never done a bracket. It was so much fun and I love having them try new things. We did up March Madness tees for the girls with “playing to win” on them. It was a party, It took time, Bishopric was very patient lol.

As for the family bracket. I won last year and oh my heck the smack talk is insane. It’s like psychological warfare with the men in this family. I really want to win and get my name on the family plaque again. So I’m ignoring it and we will see what happens!

Tonight I’m in Park City. Had dinner at Ruth Chris with clients and tomorrow is their event. They have prizes for the March Madness Tournament as well and almost everyone is playing. We will be posting score updates and rankings of the participants during the event. After 8 pm both nights we will have the game on as well with giveaways for those attending.

Just winding down tonight after half an hour in the hot tub out watching the snow fall. Beautiful and surprisingly warm night. This week has been awesome!

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