Spring Break Colorado

This year we revisited a destination from 20 years ago. When we were at BYU we slipped away to Glenwood Springs for a few days and it was one of the most fun trips ever. So for Spring Break we got tickets for the Amtrak California Zephyr. We drove down to Utah Sunday afternoon and caught the early morning train headed East out of Provo Monday morning at 4:35 am. It is about 8 hours by train through some beautiful country. The observation car you can go on the upper level and look out the windows. They have a dining car as well and some really good food. It is a great way to travel that may not be around too much longer. We arrived in Glenwood Springs just after noon. The thing that is awesome about Glenwood Springs is the hot springs, the train station, the old Hotel Colorado, Hotel Denver, old downtown and all the ski areas and snowmobiling in the winter plus hiking, camping and river rafting in the Summer. The hot springs year round which we enjoyed after lunch and again after dinner. The hot springs at night are super cool.

Tuesday we hit the slopes at Sunlight Ski Area after breakfast. Spent the morning and early afternoon skiing and mid afternoon rented some snowmobiles and went on an adventure. Absolutely beautiful day on the slopes with fresh snow from the weekend. Sun was out most of the day. I wore my brace for my wrist and didn’t have any issues. We wrapped up Tuesday with another trip to the hot springs and the ghost tour at the Hotel Colorado later that night.

Wednesday we went exploring and spent most of our time in the Vail area. We had dinner at this fun place called Bart & Yetis. They allow you to bring your dogs too! So maybe some day we can bring the dogs back. I think they would love that. This was a super cool place and a big reason we love to travel is finding fun local places to eat. We had chicken wings and hamburgers.

Thursday we hit the slopes again at Beaver Creek. Skiing and snowboarding. The kids really like snowboarding. They were at it most of the afternoon. Our 13 year old really wanted to buy a snowboard but I suggested he may not want to at a resort. PRICEY! He was so ready though lol. I actually did better this time snowboarding after some lessons. I was told I’m a cool mom for snowboarding. ♥️ The weather started turning bad by mid afternoon. So we headed out before the rain started. Spent Thursday evening in Carbondale having dinner and watching the new Tomb Raider movie.

Friday morning was a massage at the spa and breakfast. We had to get the SUV rental turned in and back to the train station by 1 pm. We departed just before 2 pm. We had dinner on the train and enjoyed the family sleeper compartment. Definitely worth the money and I would recommend it if you take the train. It rained all day Friday and a big part of the trip back. We arrived in Provo at 9:30 pm and loaded up, dropped Keith’s dad at his home and headed North. Got to Idaho Falls a bit after 1 am. I don’t remember much because I fell asleep on the way home. This morning I got up early and retrieved the dogs, then made breakfast. They were so happy we were home. Keith was pretty hammered this morning from the drive so he got breakfast served in bed. Today I am packing for my flight tomorrow. Headed to dōTERRA Leadership in Long Beach Monday. Fly into Salt Lake City tomorrow afternoon for a girls night in Utah before we head out. That is going to be soooo fun! Naughty time in Park City. I think we had a successful Spring Break and a new place the family wants to revisit.

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